Papa, Don’t Preach

Cadmium Braces Herself As She Confesses To Her Family And Awaits Their Reactions…

Some images are slightly NSFW
Autumn, Year 6
Bill is 52, Eve is 49, Cadmium is 20, Jason is 18, Saffron is 18, Indigo is 16, Tara is 15, Rose is 11, Forest is 3 months

Caddy was home for a visit during a break in her term at University. She hadn’t yet told the rest of her family about the baby and she knew it was high time she did. After all, it was going to affect them, too.
She watched Eve tending to baby Forest and bit her lip. Her mother was having a tough time adjusting to a new baby in the house; how would she react to the news that Caddy was about to produce one.
Taking a deep breath, she plunged straight in.

Eve didn’t take the news wonderfully well. She was troubled that Caddy was so unhappy about the pregnancy but she was also worried about having another baby in the house.

Over dinner that evening, Caddy told the rest of the family. Bill was still out but Eve had already texted him to tell him Caddy’s news.
Rose scowled. She was irritated with the arrival of Forest; another new baby in the house would be awful. Rose had always enjoyed being the baby of the family and this was usurping her position.
Indigo was heartbroken that Caddy was in such a situation. He loved his sisters and seeing one of them hurting hurt him, too.
Eve was angry though. She’d always thought that Caddy should know better and she nagged her through the rest of the meal.

Both her parents had expressed a wish to meet Jason, so she disappeared into the hall to phone him. Half of her really didn’t want him to see them but the other half was desperate to get this over with.

In the end, the meeting wasn’t too bad. Eve liked him; she felt he seemed very sensible and reasonable. Jason made it clear to Eve and Bill that he intended to look after Caddy in every way possible.
Bill didn’t warm to him as quickly as Eve had, however. “Exactly how do you intend to do that, while living in University housing?”

Jason stood up and sat beside Caddy. “Mr Casson, I really do care a lot about Caddy. This baby has come as a surprise to us both but I assure you, I’ll do everything I can.”
“Maybe it would be easier if you moved in here?” Caddy suggested. Jason was slightly taken aback but quickly agreed. Anything to stop the angry expression on Bill’s face.

Caddy was enormously relieved when Saffron finally showed up. She’d sent a desperate text to her sister earlier in the hopes of some support.
Saffron rolled her eyes and sighed heavily. There wasn’t going to be much she could do to help if their parents were really angry with Caddy.

Much later, Jason sat on the edge of his and Caddy’s new bed, feeling more than a little bewildered. He hadn’t known Caddy for all that long and suddenly, he was living with her and her family. It felt strange.
He watched Caddy getting ready to go out for dinner with him and her parents. He adored her but there was panic in his gut.

Bill and Eve had picked The Tudor Tavern for dinner. Everything seemed find and although conversation was a little stilted, everybody seemed happy as they placed their order with the waitress.

The average mood at the table dipped when Caddy excused herself. Eve started criticising Jason as soon as her daughter was out of earshot.
Bill watched on, somewhat bemused. Eve’s hypocrisy in criticising Jason for getting Caddy pregnant was fascinating since they themselves had had an unexpected baby not all that long ago. He was firmly of the opinion that it was now Caddy’s life and not his, or Eve’s, business any longer.
Jason clearly was of the same mindset.

By the time Caddy returned, their food had arrived but the atmosphere was tense. She sighed heavily. Jason was eating in furious silence; Caddy had never seen him angry before and she was surprised and frustrated at the same time. Why did this have to be so complicated?
She shook herself mentally and began to eat.

Caddy and Jason excused themselves at the earliest opportunity. The meal had been nothing short of disastrous and neither of them could wait to escape the atmosphere.
“I’m sorry,” Caddy said when they were far enough from the restaurant not to have been followed. “I didn’t expect Mum and Dad to be like that.”
“You heard?” Jason looked surprised. “I thought they’d made sure you weren’t around.”
Caddy shook her head. “I didn’t hear but I could tell when I got back. They had a go at you, didn’t they?”
“Well, your Mum anyway. Told me how irresponsible I was – that I’d ruined your life and probably my own.”
Surprised, Caddy blinked. “Mum said that? I thought Dad…”
“No, your father said very little. I could tell what he was thinking, though.”
Caddy turned and kissed Jason. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have agreed to that meal,” she said when she pulled away.
Jason grabbed her wrist and pulled her back. “Don’t be. It doesn’t matter.” He kissed her again, wrapping his arms around her waist.

That night, Caddy snuggled up close to Jason. Neither of them had ever expected to be in the situation they were in but there it was. At least they had each other.

Bright and early the following morning, Jason decided to try and butter Eve and Bill up by making breakfast. He’d understood from Caddy that neither parent was particularly gifted in domesticity, so he hoped a decent breakfast might help.
Unfortunately, cooking didn’t appear to be his speciality.

Indigo managed to escape the atmosphere in the house when his friend, Tara, called round with a present. She new he’d been having a hard time since Saffron and Caddy had both gone to University and she wanted to cheer him up. They’d become friends after their older siblings had befriended each other.

There’d always been something very sweet about Tara; she was almost a kindred spirit because, like Indigo, she didn’t feel like she fitted in within her family.
Indigo was a bookworm and music enthusiast in a family of artists and he’d never felt like he belonged. Tara was quiet and unassuming in a family of extroverts.
He’d been viewing her in a different way for a while…

It seemed Tara felt the same way. They talked quietly in the front garden, away from the arguments and frosty atmosphere inside the house.

On impulse, Indigo decided it was time to say something to Tara about how he felt.
“He who hesitates, loses,” Indigo thought to himself as he took a deep breath. “Tara, I’ve been meaning to tell you something for a while. I guess I wasn’t sure how you’d take it but, well, I guess I’ve had a bit of a crush on you for a while.”
“By the Watcher, that sounded awkward,” he thought, as he waited for Tara’s response.
Tara’s face split into a grin. “I’m so pleased you said that! I’ve had a crush on you for ages too but I didn’t think you’d be interested since I’m younger than you…”

Relief flooded Indigo’s body. “Really? Wow, that’s a relief.” He grinned back at her. “So, do you fancy going out, you know, sometimes? Maybe for dinner or something?”
She nodded. “I’m not doing anything tonight. Madre won’t mind me going out.”
“Great. What about the Tudor Tavern, say at 7pm?”
“Done. I’ll see you then!”
That evening couldn’t come quick enough…

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