3 Hearts, 2 Men, 1 Decision

Some Decisions Are Impossible To Make…

Some images are slightly NSFW
Autumn, Year 6
Jack is 41, Daniel is 40, Dale is 38, Zackery is 31, David is 31, Rebecca is 27, Ellie is 27, Andrea is 27

Rebecca groaned slightly when she saw the latest issue of Sim Scoop. The was, as promised, on the front cover but it was one of the underwear shots used. She was also horrified to see one of her nude shots featured, advertising a ‘Rebecca Bares All’ article.
The interview gave away far more than she’d intended. She felt like weeping but she had a Halloween party to organise.

She’d had an appalling day but she really wanted to try and brighten up before the party. She’d decorated the flat to suit the mood and invited all her close friends for an evening of gothic merriment. She whisked the magazine away in the hopes that nobody would find it yet. She couldn’t handle Ellie’s recriminations tonight.

Andrea and Isabella were the first two to arrived. Rebecca felt a twinge of guilt as they arrived. She remembered she hadn’t prepared any non-alcoholic beverages and Andrea was heavily pregnant with her twins and Isabelle didn’t drink much. So far, the party was off to a very auspicious start.

However by the time the party was in full swing, things were looking up. She’d signed some autographs for fans, including Hayley’s manager, Zackery, and everyone appeared to be enjoying themselves.

She ended up drinking a lot and posing for silly photos with Dale. She felt another twinge of guilt as she messed around with him; she’d been delaying making a choice between Dale and David all year. It had been nine months since she’d bumped into David again and reignited her relationship with him. She’d made a resolution to decide between the two men but even after disagreements with Dale about David being her new style manager, she’d achieved nothing. She was still publicly dating Dale and secretly seeing David.

She was idly watching Ellie chatting happily with some of their friends when she spotted something interesting. Jack was sitting on the sofa and was watching Ellie with a look that Rebecca could only describe as adoration. She looked around but couldn’t immediately see Marcella so it was definitely Ellie he was looking at.

Later, Rebecca managed to find herself sitting next to her sister.
“So, you and Jack.” She said, casually. She began to smirk when she saw the familiar panicked expression on her twin’s face. “I take it your affair is a big secret right now, given the Marcella situation and all of that.”
Ellie stared straight ahead and attempted a casual shrug. “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Becca. Have you been drinking again?”
“Ha!” Rebecca snorted. “Says the pot to the kettle. Don’t fob me off; I saw the way Jack was looking at you. Satisfying his needs are you? Taking the heat off his pathetic attempt at commitment?”
“Wow, such emotion.” Ellie replied, dryly. “If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were in love with him yourself.”
Rebecca blinked. “Where’d that come from?”
Ellie shrugged again. “Well, this interest you have in Jack’s personal life. Your contempt for his engagement to Marcella. Not exactly anything to do with you any more, is it? I mean let’s face it, Becca. With two guys on the go once again, you’ve got enough going on, hiding David from the press.” At Rebecca’s brief shocked expression, Ellie gave a hollow laugh. “Oh come off it. He’s suddenly your style manager and then you doing a nude photoshoot for Sim Scoop.”
“You don’t even buy Sim Scoop.” Rebecca said in a strangled voice.
“No, I don’t.” Ellie sighed. “But some of my coworkers do. They recognised you and put two and two together.” She shook her head. “Look, let’s stay out of each other’s private lives, yeah? Because we don’t seem to ever get passed the screaming phase with each other.”
Before Rebecca could reply, Ellie had walked away.

Dale stayed over after the party. He noticed Rebecca wasn’t quite herself that morning and he himself wasn’t feeling very cheerful either.
“You okay?” he asked as they stepped into the shower. Rebecca just shrugged but he couldn’t let it go. He took a deep breath. “Is this about the magazine cover?”
Rebecca bit her lip. “You saw that?”
“No, but Daniel did. He said you were on the cover of Sim Scoop. He also mentioned a nude shoot?”
“I should have told you about that,” Rebecca said, uncharacteristically nervous.
“Why? It’s your career, Rebecca, not mine. You make your own choices and I respect that. If you’d wanted my opinion, you’d have asked me.” He put his hand on her shoulder. “I love you, Rebecca. I never expected to but I do. And while I might not always agree with your career decisions, they’re still yours and not my business.”
Rebecca couldn’t understand the sudden change of heart. Dale had been furious a few weeks ago because he’d found out from a magazine article about David working with Rebecca for her modelling career. Now suddenly he was completely at ease with her doing a nude shoot with David involved?
Then it dawned on her. Dale didn’t know David had been involved in that shoot. Yet another secret she needed to keep from him.

Later, after Dale had gone home, Rebecca left the city in search of solitude. She found herself in Magnolia Promenade and to her surprise, she bumped into Andrea there. She found herself pouring her woes out to her old University friend.
“You don’t do things by halves, do you Becca?” Andrea said, after patiently listening to Rebecca’s tales of woe. “Okay then. First, I think Ellie might have talking sense, hmm? I mean, if she is having an affair with Jack, and that’s a big if, is it really your business? You’re not dating him any more – you haven’t done so for years, so does it matter? That’s up to Ellie and Jack to sort out, not you.”
Rebecca sighed. “Yeah, I suppose you’re right. But she knows he’s engaged!”

Andrea raised her eyebrows. “And you’re in a relationship with two different men. Rebecca, look at the double standard here. You’ve spent the last several years dating multiple men at a time and you’re now criticising Ellie?” She smiled sympathetically at Rebecca. “None of us are completely innocent, Becca. I was dating Ethan for months even though I knew how Hollie felt when we were at Uni, do you remember?”

Rebecca nodded. “I remember.”
“Right. So I’m not totally innocent either. But we grow from those experience, Rebecca. If Ellie is having an affair with Jack, that’s their business and not for us to intervene. Ellie’s sensible; she’ll sort herself out. Now this brings me to my next point. Dale and David.”
Rebecca looked a little embarrassed. “I didn’t mean for the relationship with Dale to carry on. It was meant to be a fling.”
“Does Dale know that?” Andrea asked. “Because it sounds to me like he thinks this is the real deal, Becca. If that’s true, you need to sort this out because you’re leading him on right now. What if he asks you to marry him?”
Laughing, Rebecca shook her head. “He won’t do that. He knows I’m not in for all that.”

“Rebecca, you’ve been dating him for a couple of years now. The ‘you’ he knew wasn’t interested in long term relationships and yet, here you are. You keep assuring him there’s nothing going on with David. Why are you doing that?” Andrea shrugged. “Maybe you are in love with Dale. Maybe this thing with David is more nostalgia, or even a sense of trying to put right the hurt you caused David several years ago when you cheated on him.”

“That’s not true,” Rebecca protested. “And I’m not in love with Dale!”
“Well, you’d better sort out how you feel about these guys, Rebecca. Look,” Andrea said, her tone softening. “I can’t tell you what to do, Rebecca. If you do want to carry on with both guys, then I’ll still have your back, whatever happens. But for your sake, it might be better to have a sit down and decide exactly how you feel about both guys. Work out what you’re looking for in life right now and see which guy fits the bill.” She glanced quickly at the time. “Look, I have to run. But give it some thought, okay?”
Rebecca nodded. “I will. Thanks, Andrea. I appreciate this.”
Andrea smiled. “Any time. Take care, and keep in touch, okay?”
Smiling, Rebecca watched her pregnant friend walk away.

After Andrea was out of sight, Rebecca sat down on a quiet bench to reflect. Her friend did have a point; she did need to decide what she wanted. The stress of keeping her affair with David quiet from Dale and the public was, currently, more than she could handle.
She looked up to see David standing in front of her. “David! I didn’t expect to see you here!”

David regarded Rebecca carefully. He was hopelessly in love with her and had been for years. He believed they were perfect for each other and it was frustrating, not to mention hurtful, when she persistently continued dating Dale. He understood her public image but it had been around nine months since they’d met up again. He desperately wanted to make things official with her.
He just wasn’t convinced of her feelings.

She stood up and pulled David towards her. She had no chance of making decisions yet. She cared about both men equally and choosing between them was impossible.

David and Rebecca ended up spending the afternoon talking and kissing like teenagers. Somehow, however bad Rebecca felt about herself, David managed to make her feel better. She didn’t know if it was real yet, or just because they were sneaking around and hiding from everyone. But whatever it was, it was good.

The next day didn’t start well. She was frustrated. Every time she spent time with David, she felt ready to choose him and split up with Dale but every time she went out with Dale, she was ready to end things with David. If only one of them could do something to make her angry, it would make her decision easier.
There was only one thing to do. She needed Ellie’s opinion.

“Okay, is it money again?” Ellie asked, sighing. She’d travelled to the city as soon as she’d been able. “Because if it is, Becca, I really don’t have it.”
“What? No, it’s not money.” Rebecca waved a hand impatiently. “It’s advice.”
Ellie blinked. “You want advice from me?”
“I do, yeah.” She sighed heavily. “I’m seeing David again.”
Ellie frowned. “The repo guy? You mean you split up with Dale?”
“Um, no. No, I’m still seeing Dale.”
“Oh no,” Ellie began to stand up. “Not again, I’m out of here.”
“Ellie, please,” Rebecca pleaded. “I need advice. I have to choose between one of them.”
“Right, exactly. YOU have to choose, not me. Becca, I can’t make that kind of decision for you; you’ll have to sort it out yourself.” And with that, Ellie left the flat swiftly, leaving Rebecca angry and upset.

Irritable, Rebecca left the flat shortly after her sister. Ellie was nowhere to be seen; probably taken the train back to Evergreen Harbour. Instead of following her, Rebecca set off for Willow Creek. She’d been invited to a bowling trip with Dale, Daniel and Jack. It was a bit of a publicity thing for the owner but Rebecca didn’t mind. She hadn’t been bowling for a while and the guys were usually fun to be around.
In spite of the cheery welcome from Daniel, her afternoon didn’t get off on a great start and the press managed to take some incredibly unflattering shots of her gutter ball. It really wasn’t her day.

She left the alley early; she had a photoshoot to do in the city. The modelling really was treating her well and it was fun to see David again.
She couldn’t choose between them. That day alone, she’d spent a couple of hours with Dale at the bowling alley and loved the attention he lavished upon her. Then she’d spent a few hours with David at the photoshoot and enjoyed the compliments and flattering comments he gave her. How could she be expected to dump one of them?
She’d have to keep seeing them both.

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