Gameplay Notes #5 ~ Saffron’s Admirers

In yesterday’s update, Saffron was seen to be entertaining the affections of two different young men from UBrite: Michael Andrews and Quinn Hammond. This post is going to explain a little more about the attraction and chemistry systems I’m using.

During the summer, Saffron and Christopher acknowledged they had a crush on each other. However, they didn’t do anything more about it, given that they were both heading off to University a few months later.

Saffy finds Christopher extremely attractive. However, her chemistry isn’t too great with him right now. It’s not bad but it could be better. Now chemistry between two Sims can change as their traits and skills change, so that could change.

She met Quinn Hammond at University and her first impression of him was that he was dramatic. However, she does find him attractive and she has good chemistry with him.

Finally, there’s Michael Andrews, also a University dormmate. Her first impression of him was that he’s strong minded and while she finds him very attractive, their chemistry is quite bad.

So what does all this mean? Well, after reviewing my Attraction and Romance system, it totals up as follows:

Saffron & Christopher
Saffron is a Popularity Sim. Christopher is also a Popularity Sim. +35
Saffron is a Scorpio. Christopher is a Capricorn. +0
Saffron finds Christopher Extremely Attractive. +35
Saffron and Christopher have Okay Chemistry. +0
= 70 = ⚡⚡

Saffron & Quinn
Saffron is a Popularity Sim. Quinn is a Knowledge Sim. -17.5
Saffron is a Scorpio. Quinn is a Gemini. +0
Saffron finds Quinn Very Attractive. +17.5
Saffron and Quinn have Good Chemistry. +17.5
Saffron has a Negative First impression of Quinn. -5
= 12.5 = ⚡

Saffron & Michael
Saffron is a Popularity Sim. Michael is a Popularity Sim. +35
Saffron is a Scorpio. Michael is a Sagittarius. -17.5
Saffron finds Michael Very Attractive. +17.5
Saffron and Michael have Bad Chemistry. -17.5
Saffron has a Positive First Impression of Michael. +5
= 22.5 = ⚡

On the surface, Saffy’s attracted to all three guys. So she’d be likely to have a fling with any of the guys, if the offer came up. She’s put in a whim to have sex with Quinn, so this is looking quite likely.

Now, going deeper, she doesn’t have very good chemistry with Michael, so while she finds him very attractive, a long term relationship isn’t likely to last very long because conversations will be more difficult to keep up. Since chemistry is good with Christopher and Quinn, especially Quinn, she’s more likely to have better long term relationships with them. However, her overall chemistry is significantly higher with Christopher so while a long term relationship is still feasible with Quinn, it might end up working better with Christopher.

Again, the first impression is more a superficial thing. She’s got Quinn down as being dramatic but he is studying Drama. The effect of the first impression will wear off with time, so that won’t factor into her overall interest forever.

At the moment, Saffy’s having some fun. Her chemistry with the three guys could change as their skills and traits change and her first impressions of Quinn and Michael will eventually wear off. The physical attraction could even change, depending on changes the three guys go through in the next few years!

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