Growing So Fast

Children Grow Up So Fast…

Some images are slightly NSFW
Autumn, Year 6
Javon is 26, Isabella is 26, Ronan is 4, Caitriona is 2

Isabella hugged Ronan tightly. He was starting school that morning and her heart felt like it was breaking. It felt like only yesterday that she’d given birth to her son yet here is was, soon to be five and starting school.

Very soon, Ronan would be setting off for his new adventure and he was very excited about it. He couldn’t understand why his parents kept hugging him and why his Mum looked like she was going to cry. It was only school; what was all the fuss about?

It was soon time to leave and Ronan set off to start his new adventure!

After Ronan had left for school, Javon got settled at the easel and began to paint. He hadn’t done much since they’d moved but as things had finally settled down, he decided it was time to get really stuck in. He wanted to push for another exhibition and sale at the art gallery soon.

Isabella occupied herself in the garden with the animals. She’d intended to get some gardening done in her veggie patch but the dogs and the wild rabbits in the garden monopolised her attention. There was something very endearing and soothing about the wild animals in Henford-On-Bagley. They took her mind off worrying about Ronan.

Caitriona was enjoying the dry weather and was riding around on her new tricycle. It was strange without her big brother around but she was enjoying some peace.
Their old garden in Windenburg hadn’t been very big and she loved the extra space they had now.

With Ronan now at school, Isabella finally had a bit more time to focus on her writing, something which had slipped after she had Ronan and been dropped completely after she’d had Caitriona. She would only take up freelance work at the moment; she still spent a lot of time with the children and didn’t want to commit yet to full time work.
She found an ideal job as a co-writer for children’s bedtime stories. It was perfect and for the first time in a few years, she was excited about a job.

When Ronan came home from school, Javon was surprised he had homework already but, being a dutiful father, he immediately set about helping his son with the work. He encouraged Ronan to get on with the work shortly after coming home – then he’d have the rest of the afternoon to himself.

One thing that had been bothering Ronan was how much he’d struggled to see the board at school. When he told Isabella, she booked him an appointment with an optician. It was confirmed he needed glasses.

Ronan felt embarrassed by his new glasses and was worried he’d start being called names at his new school. Suddenly, this new adventure didn’t seem so exciting any more.
Isabella reassured him that lots of people wore glasses; in fact, Javon had recently been told he also needed glasses now. Ronan always felt better when he talked things out with his Mum.

The weekend finally arrived and Ronan got to get away from his homework and enjoy himself. He had a variety of interests already, including playing on his scooter, building with his blocks and reading.

Javon attempted to do some work in the garden but the persistence of the insects was driving him crazy. He hated being so squeamish when it came to creepy crawlies but he couldn’t help it; it was a deeply rooted part of him.

It was date night for the young couple and Javon took his wife out to Sparkling Palate for a romantic dinner.
During the course of the evening, he opened up the discussion about a new baby. He’d been thinking about it for a while, especially since Ronan had just started school.
He was delighted to discover that Isabella was on the same page as he was.

After their meal, they left the restaurant hand-in-hand. So many people hadn’t expected them to last because, like their friends Hollie and Ethan, they’d got married straight out of University. However, Javon and Isabella were still going strong, 5 years later.

When they returned to Henford-On-Bagley, Javon suggested there was no time like the present to start trying for baby number three.
Isabella couldn’t agree more.

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