Rebecca Does It Again

Life In The Spotlight Isn’t Always Rosy…

Autumn, Year 6
Jack is 41, Daniel is 40, Marcella is 38, Dale is 38, Rebecca is 27, Ellie is 27, Andrea is 27, Hollie is 27

Sparkling Palate was the newest venue in Willow Creek and had been in development for a long time. Finally, it was ready to open its doors to the public.
As a high class wine bar and restaurant, it was only natural that it would attract celebrities for its big opening.

Rebecca decided she wanted to try it out and invited Dale, Daniel, Marcella and Jack along to join her one evening after rehearsals at the theatre next door. The service was excellent and the food was delicious.

She was even more delighted to get spotted by the paparazzi. It was always a small thrill to Rebecca when she was photographed not only looking her best but also in an exclusive location. It did wonders for her reputation with the media, which had taken a significant hit during the last few years.

Dale was also delighted to have photographers there but for a different reason. While he preferred his relationship with Rebecca to be more low-key, he’d been suspecting for some time that she was seeing someone else. With only a tiny handful of pictures of him and Rebecca together, Dale had the feeling the ‘other guy’ didn’t know about their relationship, so if photos appeared online tomorrow of the two of them having dinner, and especially kissing in the restaurant, it might help.

Unfortunately for Dale, it didn’t look like the press were overly interested in their romance. They were more interested in getting shots of Rebecca posing outside the restaurant.
Sighing, he watched as she lapped up the attention.

Once the photographers had what they want, Rebecca grabbed Dale’s hand. He knew what was coming next; Rebecca always got frisky after an impromptu press interaction and with a large pile of leaves on the grass near the river, he grinned. Maybe the evening wasn’t turning out so badly after all.

A few days later, Rebecca was sitting in front of her dressing table, admiring her reflection. She was heading out to meet up with some old friends at the pub and she prided herself in her appearance.
She and Dale had ended up having a disagreement the night before and she was keen to take her mind off the situation.

With one final check of her reflection in her full length mirror, she was satisfied and set off for Windenburg.

She was meeting up with Ellie and a close friend of theirs, Hollie. Rebecca had a feeling Ellie was seeing someone; she seemed unusually cheerful and Rebecca was convinced her sister had lost some weight recently. She tried probing Ellie but got nowhere; Ellie was adamant she was single.
Rebecca didn’t believe her.

Even while lying fairly low at the pub, Rebecca was still recognised by her adoring fans. She excused herself from her conversation and signed a few autographs. She love being famous at times like these.

Their other friend, Andrea, finally joined them. She was heavily pregnant with twins but she’d still made some time to come all the way over to Windenburg to meet up.
Since Ellie wasn’t being very talkative, Rebecca turned her attentions to Hollie.
“So, are you seeing anyone yet?” Rebecca asked casually. “I mean, you and Ethan divorced a year ago, Hollie.”
Hollie sighed. “Rebecca, some of us have other complications when it comes to our relationships. We can’t all jump from one to another without some kind of emotional recharging period.”
“So, are you?” Rebecca asked again. “Come on, that emotional recharging argument is pathetic. It’s been a year!”
Hollie sighed again. “As it happens, I am. I met a guy a few months ago and we’ve been out a few times. It’s nice.” She shot a warning look to Rebecca. “And no, I don’t want to talk any more about it.”

Feeling more than a little wronged, Rebecca sauntered over to the dartboard just as Dale walked in.
“Look, Becca, I’m sorry. I was out of line last night.” He sighed. “You can’t really blame me though, can you? You don’t exactly have the best reputation in town for loyalty and me learning that your ex-boyfriend is now your style manager from the press, not from you, was just a step too far.”
Rebecca threw the dart towards the board. “That was an apology?”
“It was an explanation.” Dale sighed again. “Becca, I’m not going to pretend I’m okay with this situation with David. He’s your ex-boyfriend and now he’s also your style manager and it wasn’t you who told me this, even though this apparently happened about nine months ago. Were you ever going to tell me?”
“Does it make a difference?”
Dale threw a dart and hit the centre of the board. “With your track record, yes. It does matter.”
She sighed irritably as Dale beat her score by several points. “Look, can we do this another time? I’m having a bad day.”

Their argument temporarily forgotten, they danced instead to the music in the pub, oblivious to their surroundings.
Rebecca decided that this definitely wasn’t the time to tell Dale about the photoshoot David had arranged for her that evening.

“You look stunning,” the makeup artist insisted.
Rebecca was uncharacteristically nervous. The magazine was interviewing her about her life and how fame had impacted her social life and she was, for the first time ever, worried about how her comments might come across. She was even more worried about the photoshoot to accompany it.

She hadn’t realised just how much of an impact that magazine was going to have…

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