A Vampiric Showdown

Lillith Learns Never To Underestimate An Opponent…

Autumn, Year 6
Lillith is 144, Will is 26

Will was under pressure. It had been more than two years since Simon had all but disappeared from his, admittedly limited, sphere of influence. He’d not been seen in Deep Purple for a long time. Nobody seemed to know where he was, or they weren’t telling and Will didn’t quite have the ability yet to extract that information from an unwilling victim.
So he took his frustrations out on Lillith. He was convinced she knew where her brother and Simon were but she refused to say.

It didn’t matter how much he argued with her, she said nothing. It drove him crazy; he needed to know what was going on. It made him nervous and he loathed those feelings.
These days, he wasn’t even sure he liked Lillith much any more.

Will gave up and was about to walk away.
“Oh, poor you.” Lillith suddenly felt bold. “So fierce and yet, when push comes to shove, you just don’t have the power to pluck information from people.”
Will froze and the anger welled up inside him.

He suddenly spun round but Lillith was waiting for him. She’d been waiting for a long time for Will to slip up and knowing he was plotting against Caleb was the last straw.
At the same second they lunged for each other. In a cloud of dust, blood, anger and screeching, they fought like true vampires.

“I might not yet have the power to invade your mind,” Will hissed as he grabbed Lillith by the throat. “But I do have to power to drop you like a stone.”
Smirking, he lifted Lillith a little higher. “You know what, that’s exactly what I should do.”

And so he did. Lillith dropped suddenly as Will released his hold on her and she hit the ground with a sickening thud. On her hands and knees, she cursed him under her breath. How could she possibly still love him when they fought like this every day.
Something needed to happen.

As night fell in Forgotten Hollow, Will went out on the prowl. He enjoyed tormenting the people he met on his nightly strolls through the town and made a point of being obvious about what he was. It was part of the game for him.

Inside the house, Lillith was quietly working on honing her abilities. She wanted to be on top form because one day, she was going to kick Will out of the house. And when that happened, she wanted him to be totally and completely defenceless.

As she worked, she heard a persistent, echoey sound from somewhere just above her head. Looking all around, she finally spotted a small green specter hovering above her.
As she watched the playful specter darting around, the realisation hit her.
She was coming.

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