Further Education

The New Young Adults Begin Their Journey For Further Education…

Summer, Year 6
Magnus is 54, Maggie is 52, William is 52, Angelo is 52, Marie is 50, Eve is 49, Gerald is 27, Ryan is 27, Hayley is 26, Riccardo is 24, Elliott is 21, Anna is 20, Saffron is 18, Catarina is 18, Emilio is 18, Christopher is 18, Matteo is 17, Luca is 17, Rosie is 16, Tara is 14, Alex is 13, Che is 10, Celestia is 2, Forest is 0

In Oasis Springs
Angelo pulled his daughter into a hug. Catarina had just received her acceptance letter from the University of Britechester and he couldn’t be more proud of her. He would now have two daughters at University.

Anna was home for the holidays and was very excited to hear her sister’s news. Angelo felt a moment of sadness creep over him as he realised that his family were growing older. He was going to miss them all a lot when they all flew the nest. He listened as Anna talked excitedly to Catarina about the university experience and allowed the sadness to pass.

Suddenly, Angelo turned to Anna. He was getting frustrated with not having met Anna’s boyfriend yet and was convinced she was spending far too much time with him. Anna shook her head in despair and turned away from him.
Fascinated, Catarina watched on. She’d never seen their father angry with Anna before and it was interesting. She hadn’t met Nick yet either and it got her wondering why Anna hadn’t introduced them yet.

Across the road at the De Luca house, Emilio was desperately seeking solitude from him family. Instead of being allowed to eat peacefully, he was being pestered by his youngest brother, Che.
“Emilio, where do babies come from?” Che asked as he sat down at the table.
Emilio almost choked. “What? Why are you asking me? Go and ask Padre.”
“I can’t, they’re arguing.” Che absently kicked the table leg. “I heard Madre say she wanted another baby but Padre said over his dead body was he contributing. What did he mean?”
Emilio suppressed a groan. He refused to be the one to explain to birds and bees to Che, so he decided to follow the faithful stork story. “Well, I think he meant he didn’t want to contribute money. The stork’s probably needing more these days to bring another baby to the house.
Che frowned. “The stork? What do you think I am, six?” Disgruntled, he slid off the chair. “Thanks for nothing.”
Emilio watched, bewildered, as his brother went back into the house. He decided his family were definitely getting weirder. He couldn’t wait to head off to University.

His best friend, Christopher, had just arrived for a visit. The two guys were hoping to hear soon about their University applications.
Tara answered the door and for a few moments, she just stared at Christopher. She’d met him dozens of times before, since he and Emilio had been best friends since they were children. So why had she never noticed how cute he was?

Riccardo had also called round for a visit, to see his younger brother before he left for University. For a change, Alex was being bearable and the three brothers had a lot of laughs under the heat of the summer sun. Emilio did miss Ricky not living at home any more. Of all his brothers, it was Riccardo he was closer to.

Sometimes in the summers, the De Luca house felt more like an open house. This was one of those times.
The teens had been getting to know the Moretti family from over the road and Tara in particular had struck up friendships with the twins. She was very mature for her age and she got on really well as friends with both brothers. Matteo and Tara loved watching silly cartoons on SimTube so he often dropped in to escape his sisters.

Luca was very taken with Tara and the two flirted harmlessly quite often. Magnus and Marie didn’t mind; they knew the Moretti’s quite well.

In Windenburg
This weren’t quite so harmonious in the Casson household, however. Eve’s baby, Forest Casson, was born right at the very end of the summer and the whole family had a very big adjustment to make.

The new baby overshadowed Saffron’s acceptance into the Distinguished Communications course at UBrite and while she was incredibly excited to get onto her dream course, her parents didn’t seem interested.

Eve felt constantly tense with the new baby in the household and desperately felt trapped in her current life. She needed something fresh, exciting. This life wasn’t cutting it any more, especially as both Caddy and Saffy would be leaving very soon for UBrite.

Fed up with the tight atmosphere at home, Saffy met up with Catarina and the two of them set off for Muse, to celebrate their acceptances to University. Dancing in the nightclub for the evening and meeting new people was definitely better than sitting at home, listening to Forest crying and her parents arguing.
They even managed to persuade Gerald to join them for a karaoke session.

In Brindleton Bay
Rosie sat in front of her mother’s mirror, admiring her appearance. She’d been particularly pleased with her makeup efforts recently, thanks to some helpful SimTube videos she’d been watching. Having access to Maggie’s extensive makeup supply didn’t hurt, either.

Christopher, meanwhile, was in his room, engaged in another gaming tournament. He knew his gaming would take a bit more of a backseat once he went away to University, so he was getting all the game time in that he could now.
He was excited though. Getting away from the house would be a bonus in itself; he was fed up with his father criticising him, Elliott and Ryan all the time. It was going to be great to do what his brothers did and get away from the comments and the grief.

Maggie decided it was time for a chat with Rosie. She was a little concerned because Rosie’s boyfriend, Emilio, was going to be leaving for University soon and she was worried about her daughter being involved with a Uni student.
However, Rosie didn’t appreciate the parental intervention and both mother and daughter felt more embarrassed, and angry, after the exchange. Maggie felt bad about upsetting her daughter, but she felt that these things had to be said.

Christopher finally heard back from the Universities. While he hadn’t been accepted to UBrite’s Distinguished Drama program, he had been accepted to Foxbury’s Drama course. It was slightly gutting to realise he wouldn’t be at university with his best friend but either way, he’d got the course he wanted!

To celebrate, William had insisted on inviting Ryan and Elliott over for a gathering. Ryan arrived with his girlfriend, Hayley, much to everyone’s delight barring William. While William had nothing against Hayley personally, he did object to her relationship with Ryan. He just didn’t think it suitable for an officer in the army to be dating a pop singer.

Little Celestia joined in the fun with her new basketball hoop. She was fast growing into a sports fan and she loved joining in with the family activities.

William didn’t enjoy the gathering as much as he’d have liked. Ryan didn’t behave in the way he expected him too and it was frustrating. Instead, his eldest son could be heard exchanging woohoo stories with Elliott and William found himself cringing at the exchange. It wasn’t how he’d raised his sons and he began to wonder if University was such a good idea for Christopher.

With William dropping not-very-subtle hints to Christopher about not going to Foxbury and then criticising Rosie for her makeup, the siblings both had flared tempers and ended up starting on each other.
Suddenly, Christopher felt desperate to get away. He was fed up with living at home. His leaving day couldn’t come quick enough.

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