The Cottage Life

Sometimes Change Can Be A Good Thing…

Some images are NSFW
Summer, Year 6
Isabella is 26, Javon is 25, Ronan is 3, Caitriona is 2

Javon and Isabella had been having a lot of discussions about their home lately and they had finally reached a decision; it was time to move house. As much as they loved Knights Cottage in Windenburg, it just wasn’t big enough. With two young children and two big dogs, the garden was too small and soon, Ronan and Caitriona would need more space.
The question had always been a matter of where. Javon didn’t mind; his art could be created anywhere and a change of location could be good for his creativity. Isabella was a freelance writer, so it made no difference to her either.

They finally reached a decision they were both content with. They didn’t want to be in a built up area; they loved the countryside. Henford-On-Bagley seemed an obvious choice.
The decision reached, they retired to bed to celebrate.

It wasn’t long before they’d found their dream home. An old extended cottage in the middle of the Henford-On-Bagley countryside; it was perfect.
With the last of the moving boxes brought up the hill, the Edge family was finally ready to move into their new home.

The dogs loved the new pond in the front garden. It would be perfect for cooling down when the weather got hotter.

Isabella’s favourite feature of the house was the wildlife it attracted in the garden. She adored animals and to discover the garden was home to several rabbits was perfect.

The house also had a wonderful shed and vegetable garden, so Isabella was able to grow her own fruit, vegetables and herbs, the way she’d always wanted to.
The house really did have everything they needed. It was going to be the perfect family home.

Their first day in the new house went by in a hectic rush but it was worth it as they sat down together for their first family dinner in Henford-On-Bagley.

The following day, Ronan was experimenting with paints on the carpet on the landing. Isabella sighed; her son was showing signs of being a budding artist, like his father. The difference being, Javon’s art was to canvas, whereas Ronan’s seemed to be to carpet.
There was still a lot to do in the new house, plus Isabella had wanted to go for a walk into the village.

She made it into the village in the end and browsed the garden shop. It really had everything she wanted and she fell in love with the village itself.
She felt that the family were going to be very happy here.

She arrived home to find yet another little rabbit on the garden path. She smiled to herself; the wildlife had been the biggest attraction, as far as she was concerned.

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