Academic Excellence: Part 2

For Some, It’s Time To Knuckle Down. For Others, It’s A Non-Stop Party!

Some images are slightly NSFW
Spring, Year 6
Raúl is 22, Nicola is 22, Nick is 22, Claire is 21, Elliott is 21, Zoe is 20, Rohan is 20, Arianna is 20, Fabian is 20, Cadmium is 19

Claire had been staring at her textbook for a good twenty minutes and as yet, none of the information inside it had sunk in. A cold cup of coffee sat on the table in front of her and her eyes were barely open.
This was due to be her final week. She was hoping to graduate early and if she was successful, this would be her final week at Foxbury. She had to pass these exams.

Rohan, meanwhile, had gone into town for a run. He was thoroughly fed up and feeling generally miserable. His relationship with Zoe was difficult and he’d had a frustrating text from her, asking when they were next going to meet up. It was frustrating because he had a job he was holding down outside his classes and lectures. He didn’t have an awful lot of free time and he thought Zoe understood that.

Many of the students enjoyed hanging out at the local pub between classes. Raúl and Nick could often be found upstairs, battling it out with a killer game of table football. Raúl took great pleasure in beating Nick; after all, Nick had effectively stolen Anna from right under Raúl’s nose. Admittedly, Nick hadn’t known Raúl even liked her when they started dating but as far as Raúl was concerned, it was a principal.

Nick wasn’t usually a bad loser but playing games with Raúl didn’t always bring out the best in him. Raúl was intensely competitive and when he won, he really let everybody know about it.

Elliott had joined the others upstairs and, after finding out that Fabian had beaten Claire and Nicola, decided to challenge the UBrite student to a game of juice pong himself. They couldn’t have a student from the other University beating them at anything!

However badly the Foxbury students might have done at pub games, Arianna and the Foxbury F.C had the last laugh after their victorious football match that evening. She was extremely pleased; all the extra training had really paid off.

“There you are!” Anna said when Nick and the others returned from the pub.
“I’m glad you’re here,” he said, kissing her hand dramatically. “Fancy a night out?”
Anna loved their date nights. They were always fun and Nick was good company.

The couple changed into fancier clothes and set off for Muse for the evening. Anna couldn’t get over how happy she was with Nick already; they felt like they’d been together for a lot longer than the six months it had actually been.
“Do you want some fresh air?” Nick asked. “This floor’s getting crowded.”

Anna nodded, so Nick led her out of the club and round to the car park at the back of the building. He motioned towards a small, open-back truck.
“Should we?” Anna asked, giggling. “This isn’t ours!”
Nick grinned. “Who cares?” He tugged her up into the back and they sat down.
Anna snuggled close. “This is perfect. How did you know these cars would be here, anyway?”
“I saw them when we arrived.” Nick leaned towards Anna. “I think they belong to the bartenders.” Before Anna could reply, he kissed her.

When they got back to the dorm, Nick began to politely kiss Anna good night and head off for his own room. But Anna had other ideas and since her roommate was still out, there was no reason Nick couldn’t stay for a while.

Outside the dorm room, Raúl was quietly cursing the rubbish chute in the building. Once again, it had jammed and nobody else seemed to be around to fix it. The idea of having to do such manual tasks was disgusting to him.

The next morning, Elliott decided to start everyone’s day off with a pizza breakfast. What was the point of being independent from a domineering father if you couldn’t enjoy a little treat?

Raúl was feeling a bit brighter when he woke up, until he read his messages and saw one from Hayley. It always felt strange to him to still get casual texts from her, almost eighteen months after they’d split up.
Sighing, he ignored the text. If he met up with Hayley, he knew he’d end up in the gossip columns and he really didn’t need that stress.

Another night out followed for the students and this time, Rohan had managed to meet up with Zoe. As he walked into the club, he spotted her flirting outrageously with someone else. it certainly wasn’t the first time this had happened and Rohan was beginning to get tired of worrying about what Zoe was doing when he wasn’t around.
“What are you doing?” He asked, feeling somewhat stunned. “Zoe, do you do this when I’m not around? Because it’s not like this is the first time, is it?”
Zoe objected strongly but Rohan shut her down. His anger took over this time and he was hurting.

While Zoe and Rohan argued loudly in the middle of the dance floor, Raúl was enjoying the attentions of Caddy Casson near the DJ booth. It made a change to flirt casually for a bit; after the rollercoaster of emotions he’d been through with Hayley and the long period of unrequited love with Anna, he needed something casual and harmless.

Anna herself was agonising over a message from Romina. It hadn’t been all that long since she’d been home for the Christmas holiday but her mother was hoping she’d visit again soon. She felt guilty for turning her mother down but she had a lot of coursework to do and she really didn’t have the time to travel back to Oasis Springs.

Raúl, Elliott and Claire finally had cause for celebration when they completed their courses and went on to graduate from Foxbury. With classes finished, it was time to wind down and relax before starting their next big adventures.
Elliott was going to be heading back to Evergreen Harbour to live with his brother, Ryan. He’d been staying there in the holidays ever since starting at Foxbury and now was the time to make it a little more long-term. Raúl and Claire both had small flats secured in the city and were aiming to get jobs sorted out.
But first, there was the end of term party.

Elliott’s phone bleeped with a message from his girlfriend, Danielle, while he was at the party. However, he was too occupied messing around and dancing with Claire to even notice.

Nicola noticed though and she didn’t approve. She’d thought she and Elliott were getting somewhere last term and now here he was, flirting shamelessly with Claire, who also had a significant other.
She carefully ignored the fact that Elliott also had a steady girlfriend.

Claire was the first one to pack up and leave Foxbury for her new flat in San Myshuno. She was very excited as she browsed job listings. She wanted to do something special with her art.

She later set off for the flea market, to see if she could pick up any new furniture items or trinkets to decorate her flat with. She was really looking forward to kitting the place out in her own style!
Post-University life was going to be so exciting!

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