Neighbourhood Stories: The New Update

Foundry Cove in Autumn

For anyone who’s a regular reader of my stories, you’ll know how much I love my multi-household game. The Daily Plumbob has been going almost two years now and in that time, a lot has changed with the households I play. Some haven’t had their stories told yet; others are in the middle of them.
So naturally, I was delighted with the announcement of Neighbourhood Stories.

I’m going to be honest here; when the idea of Story Progression making it into The Sims 4 was first mentioned, I winced. I like my gameplay; having the other Sims in town doing things without my involvement wasn’t something that appealed to me much. You’re looking at (or reading) a woman who switches off all forms of Story Progression for Sims 3!

However, after I read the blog post about the Neighbourhood Stories (and no, I’m not spelling that wrong, I’m English!), I was very interested.

Snippet from the Blog Post.

The first thing to grab my attention was the mention of the goal being that we, as the player, choose how the Neighbourhood Stories affect our games. I’m really, really delighted to read that because it’s something that’s important to me. My biggest gripe with Story Progression in Sims 3 (when it worked) was how it was an All-or-Nothing system. So I like that there’s some choice in the matter.

Snippet from the Blog Post

I’m very excited by this. I noticed elements of the second point from the release of Eco Lifestyle and it’s been an addition I’ve really enjoyed. Some of the texts and notifications from Eco Lifestyle feel very much like a prelude to this update; almost like the team were testing the water a bit over the last year and a half, to gauge a reaction.
I like that the Neighbour Sims may consider these independently or that my Sims can try convincing them.
It’s funny because I’ve been giving a lot of thought to decision making for careers lately (hence the whims I’m working on) so this is a very welcome addition to me. I might not have to make the decisions ALL the time.

I do like that they’ll do some of these pretty simple things on their own, with some input from you. It’s not too intrusive but enough to add some interest to the other Sims around town.

This is the bit I am most excited for! I can see these being used in my game a LOT. I have so many affairs that I can see these being a lot of fun to play around with! I also like the idea of trying to help two Sims form a Romantic relationship. I can see the setups now!
And with all the extra-curricular activities some of my Sims have, the attempts to convince another Sim to dump or divorce their partner could make for some interesting dramas.
Like I need help in that department!

I like the sound of the new Aspirations, too. I can see Rebecca enjoying the Villainous Valentine one, once she’s completed her Serial Romantic. She’s been fairly successful at doing that entirely on her own!
And I could absolutely see Andrea and Jared taking on their Neighbour’s problems. Why not – they take on their family’s!

I love this. This feels very nostalgic for the “Influence…” menu from Sims 2 and I’m HERE for that! This is going to be fun to play around with. I am interested in what would constitute a Dream Job? At the moment, I usually develop an idea for their line of work based on their personality; for example, Riccardo’s decision to go into Marine Biology came from him studying Biology at University, followed by an interest in Nature. So I wonder how you’d define a Dream Job?

I’m delighted to read that the team will be including settings for this at a later date. This is more the kind of system I will use all the time. Very excited to hear more about this later down the line.

This was the biggest concern for me when it came to a Story Progression system. I really didn’t want it to drastically change the lives of the Sims I’ve created and been working with for nearly two years.
I play very differently to a lot of other Simmers. I know most of the vocal Simmers on Twitter largely play one household, so the lack of change and progression outside that household can be boring after a while. When nearly everyone was crying out for a Story Progression (which baffled me a bit, especially those talking up Story Progression for Sims 3. I’m assuming they mean the Nraas Story Progression mod, because the actual Story Progression for Sims 3 broke after the Pets patch and was never fixed and to this day, doesn’t work at all. I know, I was there when it happened!), I’m sitting here cringing at the damage that could do to MY game; something the many never take into consideration.
It was a huge relief to read that blog post yesterday because while the vocal majority on Twitter wouldn’t care much about how this system affects my game, the developers sat down and acknowledged this very problem. Being able to really tweak the settings, down to which households are affected by the new system, is a dream come true for me.

I’ve never been this excited for a patch and I’m looking forward to seeing those new features come to fruition in The Daily Plumbob next week!

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