Year 5: Summary

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On to the summary!

Year 5 was very diverse and interesting with some new residents moving into Oasis Springs and lots of relationship changes.

Gerald and Daisy saw the first cracks appearing in their young marriage. Both were beginning to realise just how different they were.
– Some of the Foxbury students felt the strain of their exams in a new term. Rohan panicked when he saw Zoe flirting with another guy and hastily proposed to her. She accepted and they slept together for the first time, breaking Rohan’s traditional views.
Tony was desperately trying to better his life as a struggling comedian without much success. He contemplated a fling with Racquel but was reminded he had a steady girlfriend in Claire and quickly decided against the idea.
Hayley was feeling frustrated with the continuous questions about her love life and loses her temper with a reporter at the leisure centre. In spite of her temper, she still managed a successful concert at the UTA Festival Ground. However, after spotting Raúl and his friends in the crowd, she left undetected.
Fabian started a relationship with Rex, one of his dormmates after a successful string of dates. Zoe started to find Magnus a little overbearing with constant phone calls while she studied for exams and experienced doubts about her relationship with Rohan. Heath had a down patch where he felt he was underachieving.
Ethan and Hollie moved to Newcrest to a bigger house and Ethan continued his affair with Daisy, who visited for Easter. Hollie adopted three kittens for Jenna and Jareth.
Jared and Andrea went shopping for Andrea’s wedding dress and they learned that Magnus disliked Andrea a lot. Jared successfully taught a lecture at Foxbury and researched some interesting honeymoon ideas. Feeling unsettled with Magnus’ activities, Jared had a family meal with his mother and remaining siblings.
Keith struggled with being out of the football team with a sprained wrist and Richard took his team spirit a little too seriously. Elliott started flirting with Tina, much to Riccardo’s irritation. Claire went out bowling with Tony and was reassured about their relationship. Racquel was surprised to have been offered a job and decides to drop out of University to pursue it. Tina completed her studies and she and Racquel decided to get a flat together in the city.

Tina and Racquel move into their new flat and start their new jobs. Tina came out to Racquel and Racquel’s reaction cemented their friendship. Tina gave passionate lectures about the museum in Brindleton Bay on a day trip.
Magnus and Marie invited their older children to visit for the summer Bank Holiday. Alex persisted in frightening Che and ended up fighting with Emilio. Magnus found himself losing patience with his family. Riccardo and Jared tried to keep the peace as Magnus made his dislike of Rohan and Andrea apparent.
Rosie started to experiment more with her image and wearing makeup, thanks to her mother’s vast collection. William expressed his displeasure at his daughter’s style choices and relayed his frustrations to Ryan. Christopher and Rosie found themselves looking after Celestia more often and Ryan tried to keep the peace between William and Rosie.
Marcella gave birth to baby Sean and Jack struggled to adjust to the new baby. Marcella questioned whether she should have gone back to work so soon.
Caddy had a small conflict with Eve over her future career and her frustration with the University application process.
Gerald and Daisy celebrated their first anniversary and Gerald won an award for his cookbook. Daisy and Ethan took their affair to the next level and slept together. Daisy discovered she was pregnant and had no idea who the father was.
Hayley continued to struggle with paparazzi attention. Ryan invited her on a small holiday with him to get away from the press and they went away for a few days to Mt Komorebi where they had fun on the slopes. Jack contacted her in a panic over finding what appeared to be an engagement ring in Marcella’s bag. Hayley went on to perform successfully at the UTA Music Festival.
Cristina discovered Casters Keep was haunted. She made a return to the Magic Realm and met with her friend, Darrel. She stood her ground well in a duel with Lucius, something she didn’t expect.
Jared and Andrea finally get married in Brindleton Bay with a large ceremony at the yacht club, which went surprisingly without incident.
Ellie still had trouble drumming up support for her speeches. Jack and Daniel suggest she moves away from Willow Creek and she agrees, having already looked at flats in Evergreen Harbour. She took their advice and moved into a new flat. Ellie went for a night out with her friends and faced the fact that she’d been friendzoned by Daniel.
William and Emily take their large family out to the beach in Brindleton Bay for a day out, to great success.
Aaron tried to distract himself from waiting for a response to his University application. He developed a crush on Brendan Green and wondered how he could get to know him better. Erica was fired from her job as a teacher and experienced a bout of depression. Alexander volunteered the family to help clean up the local community centre to take their minds off their troubles. Aaron found he’d been rejected again from Foxbury.

Hollie and Gerald discovered Ethan and Daisy’s affair. Hollie divorced Ethan and he moved to a flat in San Myshuno. Gerald divorced Daisy and she moved in with him.
Anna and Nick started dating, much to Raúl’s disappointment. Arianna continued her reign of terror by pranking her fellow students. Elliott started flirting with Nicola and Ashley wondered whether she should say something. Elliott later inadvertently read an excerpt from Christopher’s journal and felt guilty when he realised what he’d done.
Daisy and Ethan celebrated Halloween at their flat after Daisy discovered she was having a baby girl. Emily decided to do an autumnal clean and sent the children on a bike ride so she could get the work done. Emily and William later took them for a day out to the Early Learning Centre. Javon and Isabella enjoyed some family time with Ronan and Caitriona and, later on, each other.
– The Moretti family moved into Oasis Springs. Romina and Angelo met with old friends Magnus and Marie and caught up on old times. Luca met Indigo and joined his band and Matteo was invited to join the school basketball team by Emilio and Christopher. Elena felt very left out.
Marcella and Jack moved out of their flat and into a bungalow in Willow Creek. Jack was nominated for an award for his latest video and to celebrate, he hosted a 24 hour charity livestream. Marcella dragged Jack to the romance festival and proposed to him. Jack accepted but the panic set in. They attended the awards ceremony and Jack won two awards.

Simon found that being a vampire doctor was a lot harder than he thought. Cristina broke up with Daniel after finally deciding their relationship wasn’t working. She later practices her magic to try and cause Emilia to have an affair but it doesn’t have completely the desired effect.
Daniel celebrated his 40th birthday at Muse with some friends. The celebration went well and Daniel even flirted with Ellie for a while until Cristina showed up. Zackery got signed by a label for his music. Rebecca and Gerald reconnected and talked about Gerald’s divorce.
Ellie’s career started doing well and her charity work in Evergreen Harbour had been more successful. Daniel and Ellie went on a bowling date but it ended in disaster.
– The Stanton family celebrated Christmas in a big way and took the children on a trip to Mt Komorebi, to participate in fun and games.
Hollie celebrated Jareth’s first birthday by inviting Ethan over to see the children. Ethan tried to kiss Hollie but she rejected him, which she later discussed with Emily. Ethan enjoyed spending time with the children and began to wish things were different.
Rebecca bumped into her ex-boyfriend David and they rekindled their romance. She received a terrible review for her recent acting work and her agency sent her an unpleasant message. She flirts outrageously with Dale during her New Year’s Eve party and decided that the New Year would be time for making decisions.

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