Let’s Make That Change

Change Won’t Happen Without A Little Action…

Winter, Year 5
Daniel is 40 and Ellie is 26

Ellie was feeling pretty pleased with herself in the aftermath of Daniel’s party. With Daniel and Cristina no longer an item, Ellie felt it was time she made a move on her friend.

Ellie sometimes felt conflicted. Cristina was her friend too, although it had been very frustrating when Daniel had started dating her. Sometimes, the two women gamed together and shared tips, tricks and ideas. She felt a bit guilty when she hung out with, or spend time talking to, Cristina because of how hurt she knew Daniel still was.

The snow had been falling thick and fast as winter set in with a vengeance. Gone were the crisp days of autumn.
Ellie opened up the World United shop in Newcrest for another busy day behind the counter. The shop was slowly turning over a profit which would better serve the community.

Later that same afternoon, after closing the shop, she set off back home to Evergreen Harbour where she changed and got straight out into the street with her placard. Protesting hadn’t really got her very far when she was living in Willow Creek but she was hoping she could make even a small difference in Evergreen Harbour.

In addition to her protesting, she’d started campaigning for some Neighbourhood Action Plans, to better convince the neighbourhood to look after themselves. She was delighted with the response she was getting to her community spirit and felt proud as she filled out her voting slip.

A few days passed and Ellie surprised herself by spontaneously asking Daniel out on a date. She’d been planning on waiting a decent interval but she’d had a series of good days at work, the shop was doing well and her neighbourhood campaigning had been excellent and she’d suddenly found herself phoning him and asking him to go bowling.
She’d been even more surprised when he’d said yes.

She astounded herself further when she actually won the game. She’d never normally been very good at bowling so this was a first for her.

They rounded out the date by battling it out on the arcade machine. Ellie began to feel uneasy; the date wasn’t quite going as planned. She was being too matey and she wasn’t convinced her real feelings were showing through. Had it been the victory dance at the bowling land? Or maybe it was the intense battle on the screen but she was getting the feeling that Daniel wasn’t seeing this as a romantic date; just a friends thing.

She said her goodnights with Daniel and escaped to the ladies room in the restaurant downstairs. A few moments later her phone bleeped with a text from Daniel.
“Tonight was fun, thx. I needed a break from moping x”
She sighed. It definitely hadn’t been the romantic date she’d been hoping for. Was she ever going to get a chance with Daniel or was she destined to always pick the wrong time?

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