The Beauty Of Autumn

Autumn Is Such A Beautiful Season…

Some pictures are slightly NSFW
Autumn, Year 5
Daisy is 22, Ethan is 25, William is 32, Emily is 28, Soley is 7, Nina is 6, Caiden is 5, Warwick & Aoife are 4, Sayer is 3, Javon is 25, Isabella is 25, Ronan is 3 and Caitriona is 1

Daisy was leaning back in the rocking chair in what was to be the baby’s nursery. She’d managed to get back into knitting, now that the dust on her separation with Gerald had settled. She’d recently learned she was having a baby girl and suddenly, she was very excited. Some of her knitting projects would be for her baby, the others would be to sell.
Financially, Ethan and Daisy were still struggling a little but it didn’t matter too much. They were coping and that was all that mattered right then.

Ethan had been out at an office Halloween party and arrived back at the flat, feeling ridiculous. It had been Daisy’s idea for him to go as a gladiator and he began regretting it the moment he’d arrived at the party.
Somehow though, it didn’t really matter too much. His coworkers hadn’t laughed that much; and some of them had looked a lot sillier than he had. Laughing to himself, he let himself into the flat.

Daisy felt bad when she saw Ethan standing, straight faced, in the kitchen in his gladiator costume.
“I’m sorry,” she said, giggling. “You shouldn’t have worn it!”
“I know.” He shook his head, laughing. “I’m daft for doing this. But where’s that little maid outfit you said you’d be wearing? I was looking forward to that.”
Daisy raised an eyebrow. “I don’t remember promising that. But since you went to the party as a gladiator, I can’t really deny that, can I?”
Laughing flirtatiously, she changed quickly and reappeared. Ethan had done a quick change and slipped his arms around her. “You look lovely,” he said, kissing her shoulder. “Thanks for being you, Daisy.”
“I couldn’t be anyone else,” she said, smiling and gave his hands a squeeze. They were going to be okay.

The Stanton family were also enjoying the autumnal weather. Emily had read an article online, recommending a second deep clean in a year. She always did her annual spring clean but she’d been talking to some of the other Mums she knew and had decided that an autumn clean was in order.

Sometimes, that was easier said than done with all six children underfoot. The job felt like it was going to take a lot longer than she’d originally anticipated.

Proof came in the form of dust bunnies, to sarcastically highlight the areas she hadn’t cleaned yet. She decided that a deep clean would need to happen the following day and as long as the weather was good, she’d send the children to go out and play so she could get on.

The weather stayed good and the children all went out on their bikes. It was a quiet neighbourhood and as long as they didn’t stray too far from the house, Emily didn’t mind.
As the eldest, Soley guided her siblings to the walking path than ran out the back of the houses. It was a quiet Saturday; the only other person around was Javon Edge with one of his dogs, Kayla and the children knew him well.

The toddlers in particular were enjoying the crisp, autumnal air. Aoife was enjoying riding her new bike round in circles and Sayer had abandoned his in favour of the giant pile of leaves someone had left.

Soley smiled and rolled her eyes as she guided her siblings home later in the morning. The fresh air had been great and they’d had a lot of fun. They also knew their Mum was ordering pizza for lunch and they were looking forward to that!

The toddlers went back upstairs to nap so Emily put the SuperKids movie on and sat down with Soley, Nina and Caiden to enjoy their lunch. Pizza was a rare treat for the family and she enjoyed spending time with her eldest trio. Pizza and a movie seemed perfect, especially as the weather had turned nasty and a storm was suddenly raging outside. It was hard to believe the weather had been so beautiful for the children’s bike ride that morning.

“This place is sparkling,” William commented when he returned from work. “You obviously managed to get the children out of it for a while.”
Emily nodded and embraced her husband. “The weather was gorgeous this morning, so they went for a bike ride. I managed to get the whole house cleaned this morning.”
William and Emily loved a clean house.

The next day was Sunday and Emily and William loved to have a proper family day on Sundays. They took all six children to the Early Learning Centre in Windenburg. There were lots of educational opportunities there and Emily started off with Story Time.

The older three later got together with some of their school friends to battle away with their Voidcritter cards. There was a lot of noise coming from upstairs as the children celebrated victories and agonised over defeats. It was certainly an emotional rollercoaster!

With the battles over, William and Emily were challenged to an arcade game by Caiden and Soley. William loved these family days with the children. There was something endearing about spending time with the family, especially as it felt they were growing older so quickly.

Elsewhere in Windenburg, Javon and Isabella were having a different kind of family day. They were actually attempting to follow a small instruction booklet to build a little model in the playroom. Javon had originally insisted he was playing with Ronan but the toddler was nowhere to be seen.

Isabella had also enjoyed a deep clean for the autumn, having discussed the idea with Emily too. The house feeling so clean and tidy made up for the garden, which felt the complete opposite.

The kitchen felt warm in those chilly autumnal days and family meals were noisy but cosy. Caitriona and Ronan were lively and talkative; Isabella could hardly believe that her baby boy would be starting school this time next year. They were growing up very fast indeed.

She’d been wanting to keep up her workouts more of late but it felt like an impossible task sometimes. Especially when her back would click when she was in the middle of her favourite dance routine.

Zena had been watching with fascination as Isabella slumped down on the sofa. The two dogs were a source of wonderful support on the days when it felt like everything was pulling her down.

Meanwhile, Javon was playing with Ronan in his bedroom. He was testing Ronan’s ability to recognise colours and shapes on the little deck of flash cards and the toddler was doing very well. Javon was proud of his son’s ability to recognise different colours; perhaps he had an artist in the making?

That evening, Javon had plans with his wife. They didn’t get much time for the two of them; they usually didn’t have the energy for much more than a peck on the cheek before collapsing into bed. But tonight was different.

The children were asleep and the lights were dimmed…

“I love you,” Javon said dreamily, gazing into Isabella’s eyes. He leaned in to kiss her when they heard a sound outside the room. “That wasn’t-“
“It was.” Isabella wriggled to sit up. “Hang on sweetheart!” She called out.
Javon couldn’t quite believe it.

Tonight, of all nights, Ronan had woken up from a nightmare. Putting their plans on hold, the parents went across the hall to tend to their frightened toddler.

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