One Fine Day

It’s Time For The Stanton Family To Make For The Beach…

Summer, Year 5
William is 30, Emily is 28, Soley is 7, Nina is 6, Caiden is 5, Warwick & Aoife are 4 and Sayer is 3

Caiden stared thoughtfully at the ceiling as he contemplated his artwork. The weather so far this summer hadn’t been too brilliant and he was beginning to feel fed up with being cooped up inside the house all day because of the rain. He enjoyed art and the new art corner in the living room helped his imagination but he really wanted to get outside into the fresh air.

He wasn’t the only one getting frustrated; Sayer, the youngest member of the family, was equally grumpy. William and Emily were finding they were spending more time comforting their grouchy children this summer. The stress of not really being able to get out and enjoy the summer weather was getting to them all.

Emily had rediscovered her old passion for yoga, a pastime she’d not really had the time or energy for since she’d had Soley. She was hoping desperately it might relieve some of the stress that had been building up so far this summer. Unfortunately, she was a little rusty and the stress didn’t seem to be going away.

William got online to check out the weather forecast for the next few days. He was praying there was going to be some warm, dry weather soon because the children were slowly driving him crazy. He adored them all and having a small family was never going to be an option for him and Emily. However sometimes, he felt more than a little stir crazy.

Soley was the only one who hadn’t complained at all about the heat. She’d found some wonderfully creative ways of amusing herself, including clay models. So far the llama was her favourite: she loved llamas and would love to have one of her own one day!

The next day dawned bright, warm and dry. William and Emily had made up their minds; it was time to grab the opportunities and get the family out of the house and into the fresh air.
William had been reading about this little-used beach in Brindleton Bay. Since the forecast looked good everywhere, he decided it was time to explore some unfamiliar territory.

It turned out to be the best idea he’d had in a long time. He and Emily had prepared a picnic lunch and the children had buckets and spades and the family arrived at the quietest beach they’d ever seen.
Caiden couldn’t wait to get started on a sand sculpture and pretty soon, Aoife had joined him to make the scariest sand gnome they could. The other children quickly spread out on the beach to play in the sand.

It was a beautiful day and the children were enjoying exploring this quiet beach. The fresh, salty sea air was doing them all good and Emily smiled. They should all certainly sleep well tonight with all this sea air they were getting!

William suggested a water fight and in spite of hiding behind her parents, Soley was still the first to get hit with a balloon. She was more than a little surprised as she connected with the wooden decking and collapsed in a soggy heap.

Emily and Nina did their best to avoid the balloons when the rest of the family started ganging up on them. The water fight was a perfect way to cool right down under the hot summer sun.

Eventually, the family got William back for all the accurate shots he’d managed to get in and was knocked quite literally off his feet.

While the older members of the family pit their wits against one another with water balloons, the three toddlers enjoyed digging in the sand and exploring the little beach. It was incredibly peaceful and significantly cooler as the afternoon wore on.

When the family returned home, Caiden flaked out in the toddlers’ paddling pool to cool off properly. It had been a wonderful day, one of the best summer afternoons the family had ever had. Finally, it had started to feel like summer.

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