There’s Snow Way Without You

Sometimes, You Just Need To Get Away From It All…

Summer, Year 5
Some images are slightly NSFW

“So would you say you’re looking forward to the festival this year, Miss Bolton?” the reporter asked, for the third time.
“I think so, yes,” Hayley replied wearily. She’d been hassled by the paparazzi for days over her plans to attend the festival. Last year, she’d inadvertently allowed herself to be photographed kissing Ryan and it had resulted in the end of her previous relationship. This year, she was trying hard to keep her private life suitably private.

Ryan took her out for dinner at Eden that evening to enjoy an evening of dining with experimental dishes. She was pleased to have the distraction.
“Look Hayley, I’ve been thinking.” Ryan glanced up at Hayley, who raised her eyebrow. “I know the UTA festival is coming up but I wondered if you felt like getting away for a few days.”
“Oh?” Hayley was intrigued. “What, like a dirty weekend sort of thing?”
“Something like that but more mid-week.” Ryan laughed. “I’ve got some leave and I could do with getting away myself. If you wanted to, I was thinking of a few days in Mt Komorebi. Spend some time on the ski slopes, enjoying the mountain air.” He smiled. “What do you think?”
Hayley’s eyes sparkled. “I love it!”

After finishing their meal, they stepped out onto the balcony to admire the city skyline. “The view from here is amazing,” Hayley commented.
Ryan wrapped his arms around her. “It’s pretty incredible from here, too.”
Grinning, Hayley kissed him. A few days away from the city and the press would be very welcome.

Ryan had promised to make all the arrangements for their trip. Hayley got started on her new workout DVD the following morning. She hadn’t been skiing for a long time and she wanted to get back in shape. All through the workout, she was thinking about the upcoming trip to the mountains. She knew some time away from his family would do Ryan the world of good; his father didn’t approve of their relationship.

After finishing her workout, Hayley sat down at her computer to browse the internet. She wanted to read up a bit more on Mt Komorebi before she and Ryan jetted off there tomorrow. It looked like they’d have a lot of fun on the slopes and it promised to be a very lovely, romantic getaway.

“Well, here we are!” Ryan said the following afternoon as he carried Hayley over the threshold of the house they were renting for a few days.
Hayley grinned as she hopped down from Ryan’s arms. “What do you want to do first?” she asked.
“Silly question!” Ryan replied with a twinkle in his eye.

Later – much later – Ryan cradled Hayley as they lay in bed. “You okay?” he whispered, kissing her shoulder.
“Mmm,” she replied dreamily. “Yeah, I am. You?”
“Definitely.” He nuzzled her shoulder. “We needed this break. My father’s driving me crazy at the moment.”
“I know the feeling. The press are stalking me at every opportunity at the moment.” Hayley sighed. “Why am I not allowed a private life? It doesn’t change my work, after all.”
“I know.” Ryan kissed her again. “Let’s not think about any of them for the next few days. Let’s just have fun and deal with it all when we go back.”
“Agreed.” Hayley rolled over and kissed him back.

The next morning came bright and early for Hayley and Ryan as they set off for the slopes. Both very incredibly excited to get out into the crisp, mountain air. The slopes looked very inviting this morning.

“I hope you know what you’re doing,” Hayley said as Ryan positioned a sled at the top of the little slope.
“Of course I do,” Ryan responded with a grin. “Come on!”
They set off at speed down the slope. The journey was surprisingly smooth and Hayley had to admit that Ryan certainly gave the impression he’d done this before. She had a hard time imagining the Valentine family ever going on skiing holidays but she supposed there was a first time for everything.

The second ride down was a lot bumpier than the first.
“I had no idea you could scream like that,” Ryan teased as they dusted themselves down at the bottom of the hill.
“I had no idea you could actually nearly die in a sled on a tiny slope,” Hayley replied with a grin. She wiped snow off her arm. “Hey, I’m going to rent some skis and probably a snowboard and try the slopes. You want to join me?”
“Ah, I might cry off. I haven’t actually skied before,” Ryan admitted. “Sledding’s the most I can muster. I’ll just watch.”

It turned out she was a little rusty on skis and she slid down most of the slope on her rear.
“Are you okay?” Ryan asked, concerned as Hayley reached the bottom.
“I’m fine,” she laughed as she stood up. “I think I might try the boarding instead. I know I’m better at that!”

Ryan agreed to give snowboarding a try and watched from the top of the slope as Hayley descended with less dignity than she’d hoped. It turned out her snowboarding was equally rusty.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” Ryan asked as he pulled Hayley into a hug. “You came down pretty hard there.”
Hayley laughed and hugged him tightly back. “I’m fine. I just didn’t realise I was so unsteady on the slopes! I made such an arse of myself.”
“Did you have fun?” Ryan asked.
“I did, yes. I must have looked a right fool though.”
“If you had fun, that’s all that matters.” Ryan said, rubbing Hayley’s back. “Let’s head back to the house and warm up.”

The sky got dark as the snow started to fall more heavily. Hayley and Ryan were on their way back when Hayley’s phone bleeped to indicate a text. It was from Jack, Hayley’s ex-boyfriend. He was in a bit of a panic because he’d found what appeared to be an engagement ring in his girlfriend Marcella’s bag. Hayley smiled to herself as she tapped out a reply. Jack was the biggest commitment-phobe she knew; even having Marcella living in his apartment was freaking him out.
His salty reply made her laugh more. This was Jack Goldsmith in a panic and it made her smile. He’d sort something out.

Back at the house, Ryan had lit the fire and they both settled on the sofa to snuggle up. It’d been a fantastic first day but an evening in front of the fire was even more perfect.

Sledding the next day didn’t go quite so well. Both crash landed at the bottom with a laugh and a wince. “We’re going to be in a right state when we go home,” Hayley chuckled as they gradually picked themselves up.

They both agreed to give the slopes a rest. Ryan had found out about some hikes they could do together so they set off for an amicable walk.
Hayley snapped several pictures of the landscape. Mt Komorebi really was beautiful.

“Have you enjoyed this break,” Ryan asked as they reached the end of the trail.
“Absolutely. We need to do this more often.” Hayley grinned and reached for Ryan. “I love you.”
“I love you too, Hayley. Whatever happens.” Ryan kissed her.

Before setting off for home, they agreed to try the hot spring for a while to soothe their aching muscles. The spring was so soothing, Ryan nodded right off. Hayley grinned. She’d leave him for a while. It had been a lovely holiday and a much needed break from reality.

Eventually, they were back to reality. Hayley set straight off for the festival ground to prepare for her set later that afternoon. She had a large number of fans waiting for her and it was great to be back on the stage again.
Her first holiday with Ryan had been a much needed break.

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