Happy Anniversary

Gerald And Daisy Davies Make It To Their First Anniversary…And Celebrate In Style!

Some images are slightly NSFW
Summer, Year 5
Gerald had been doing a lot of thinking recently. His career was going remarkably well and his restaurant, The Sand Bar, was actually turning over a profit. He still had a lot of loans to pay off but overall, he was doing quite well.
It got him thinking. For a long time now, he’d been contemplating writing his own cookery book. He had enough recipes that he’d invented of his own and with Daisy’s help for the healthy options, he thought he could pull it off. He had the time and the motivation and he’d been working in dribs and drabs for ages. It was high time he put it all down on paper at long last.

He felt that if he really put his mind to it, he could do anything. He gathered all the recipes he’d scribbled down, sat down at his laptop and began to type. The thought of finally having a published cookery book was delightful.

While Gerald was manically laughing in the flat, Daisy was walking Cherie in the city. She bumped into Javon walking one of his dogs and the two walked together for a while. Although she was having a nice enough time, she was still thinking almost constantly of Ethan. It wasn’t right but she couldn’t change it; Ethan was in her thoughts all day, every day.

Gerald was both surprised and smug when his cookery book not only got published and sold well but was nominated for an award! The Starlight Accolades were well known for drawing in the most famous Sims and Gerald could hardly believe he was going to rub shoulders with the celebrities.
There was a slight problem; the ceremony was on his and Daisy’s anniversary. It was a shame because he’d planned a nice dinner-and-bowling date at Creek Street. Still, it could always be rescheduled.

He received his own complimentary copy of the book and sat himself down to read it. He didn’t know what he’d expected from the book but he personally found it incredibly boring. Maybe that was because he already knew all the recipes anyway?

Daisy didn’t mind changing the plans for their anniversary. It was their first and neither could quite believe they’d made it this far. For so long, it had felt like everyone was against their marriage and were dooming them to fail. To have made it to a year was a small miracle and she didn’t mind how they spent the day.
She did feel a twinge of guilt though because the man in her daydreams still wasn’t her husband.

The couple arrived in Del Sol Valley earlier than anticipated and were all dressed up with nowhere to go. Daisy had always wanted to visit Starlight Boulevard though, so with a peck on Gerald’s cheek, she went off to investigate the famous street.

She enjoyed strolling along the street, reading the messages on the stars and imagining what their lives must have been like. It fascinated her no end; the lifestyles of the rich and famous were always interesting to read about.
Gerald had more fun spray painting the stars on the street, much to Daisy’s genuine dismay.

Thankfully, it wasn’t long until the awards ceremony started and the couple made their way to the front row. Daisy loved watching the celebrities milling around the venue as the presenter stepped up to the microphone. She hoped Gerald won an award for his book. He deserved it, after the work he’d put into it.

The first winner of the evening was Rebecca. Daisy rolled her eyes slightly as the actress stepped up to the microphone and began her speech. She glanced along the line and was slightly gratified to see her favourite actor, Jack Goldsmith, also rolling his eyes.

Kaiden Townsend, the popular classical musician known for his violin concertos, was the next recipient of a Starlight Accolade. Daisy smiled. She knew Ethan and Hollie had been at University with Kaiden and she remembered Hollie mentioning that he was always so surprised when someone liked his work.

Jack also won an award, much to Daisy’s delight. She noticed Gerald was starting to fidget a bit by now and she felt a nervous flutter in her stomach. She really hoped he’d ben a winner tonight. The thought of them changing their anniversary plans to attend, only for Gerald not to win anything made her very anxious.

The ceremony paused for a while when a large scuffle took place outside the venue. Some teenagers had been hanging around and one of them had suddenly attacked the bouncer. Nobody came to any major harm and the teens were escorted off the premises before the ceremony could continue.
The suspense was beginning to get to them both. Daisy found herself counting down the minutes until the end of the ceremony.

Right at the end of the ceremony, Daisy felt a flood of relief wash over her as Gerald’s name was called out for Best Book. As he gave his speech of thanks, she felt so proud. He’d worked hard and he deserved the praise he was receiving.

As promised, Gerald took Daisy bowling the following evening, to belatedly celebrate their anniversary. He got particular delight over Daisy being hopeless at bowling!
“It has to be your shoes,” Gerald commented mildly as Daisy landed flat on her back on the lane. “You should have worn more sensible shoes!”
Daisy grumbled as she picked herself up and rubbed her sore back.

Unsurprisingly, Gerald beat Daisy fair and square. She was a gracious sportswoman though and took the defeat well. After all, the aim was to have fun.

The following day, shortly after Gerald left for his Sulani language class, the bell rang. When Daisy opened the door she saw Ethan standing there, to her great surprise.
“What are you doing here?” She gasped.
“I came to see you.” Ethan suddenly grabbed her. “I know I shouldn’t and I know that this is probably not the most sensible thing I’ve ever done but damn it all, Daisy. I want you.”
He kissed her before she could reply.

It wasn’t long before they stumbled into the bedroom. Daisy was vaguely aware of the fact that this was her brother-in-law but her thoughts scattered.

“That was amazing,” Ethan commented much later on.
“It really was<” Daisy sighed contentedly. She sat forward. “When can I see you again?”
Ethan grinned. “Any time you like.”

Daisy stood up and picked up Cherie for a cuddle. “What about Hollie?”
Wincing slightly, Ethan sighed. “I don’t know. I don’t know what to do about Hollie.” He shrugged. “Any ideas?”
She shook her head. “Not really.”
“Maybe we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, yeah?” Ethan asked.
Daisy nodded. “Good idea. Look, you’d better go. Gerald could be back soon.”

Days went by and she settled into a routine; she spoke to Ethan every morning during his breaks at work. Sometimes he went to see her at lunchtime; other times they talked on the phone for what felt like an eternity. In the evenings, Daisy went with Gerald to The Sand Bar to help out. Some nights it got very busy and there was barely a moment to think.

One evening, Daisy was feeling really rough. She’d been battling nausea for a few days and she was beginning to feel nervous. What if she was pregnant? While she wasn’t opposed to having a baby, she had a feeling Gerald wouldn’t like the idea much.

She took a test in the cubicle at the restaurant and her stomach flipped when she processed the result. She definitely was pregnant, which explained to nausea lately. There was one thought that threatened to overwhelm her…whose baby was it?

She felt another intense wave of nausea as she realised there was a very real possibility this baby was Ethan’s. She’d made love to him a couple of days after her anniversary, which left both men in the running.
“Oh my god,” she breathed. “What am I going to do?”

She made it into the kitchen, grabbed a glass and filled it with water. As she drank, her mind swirled around the possibilities ahead of her. The future was looking quite frightening.

Daisy took Gerald out to the back of the restaurant to tell him. He was understandably shocked but it was Daisy’s turn to be stunned when he finally spoke.
“Are you sure it’s mine?”
Hurriedly, Daisy assured him it was; she denied ever sleeping with anyone else. Inside, she panicked. Did Gerald know about Ethan? Moreover, if he did; did Hollie know?

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