Spreading A Little Light

It’s Always Time To Spread A Little Light In The Casson Household…

Summer, Year 5
Indigo inhaled deeply as he stood over the stove. It was breakfast time and, as usual, there was nobody else about. Eve was still asleep, Bill hadn’t come home. Caddy was still quite depressed because she hadn’t qualified for University and it didn’t look likely this year, either. Saffron always slept late and Rose refused to get up until someone had made breakfast; a job that regularly seemed to be Indigo’s lately.

In fact, Eve wasn’t doing much of the chores at all lately. She was spending more and more time in her workshop in the garden. Her ‘workshop’ was in fact the garden shed repurposed, since it was the only place she could guarantee peace.
Saffron had taken over the laundry and Indigo did the cooking. It was the only way anything was going to be accomplished in the house.

Eventually Eve, Caddy and Rose surfaced for food. Rose listened with bored fascination as Eve talked to Caddy about University.
“I don’t know why you make such a fuss, Cadmium,” Eve mused dreamily as she swallowed a mouthful of food. “I never went.”
Caddy didn’t want to point out to her mother that it was their father, Bill, who made all the money and had bought the house. Eve treated her career as more of a hobby and wondered why bills were never paid on time if she was in charge. “I want to be a vet, Mum.” Caddy explain patiently. “I need a degree for that. Biology or Veterinary Medicine. I can’t be one without the degree.”
“Well what about art?” Eve demanded. Caddy cringed inwardly. In spite of growing up in an artistic household, Caddy had never really taken to painting. Rose was about the only artist out of the four of them.

Saffron was more the academic type. She wasn’t really too interested in art and painting but she loved learning languages. She was studying Windenburgish at school and she’d bought herself a textbook to study from at home during the summers. Nobody else in the family could understand her love of languages so she settled comfortably in the office, her nose buried in her books.

Similarly, Indigo wasn’t into art on canvas either; his talents were more musical. He spent his time holed up in his bedroom, playing his guitar and writing songs. He was determined to really carve out a future for his band soon; he just needed some members.

Rose loved experimenting with different types of art. She particularly enjoyed experimenting with makeup. Eve didn’t wear that much but people kept buying it for her, so she had a lot of makeup on the table in the bedroom. Rose loved slipping in there when nobody else was looking and playing around with all the makeup.

Once it became obvious Eve wasn’t going to spend any time with the family for the day, Caddy sighed and took Rose out. She knew her youngest sister could get into trouble easily, so taking her out of the house for a water balloon fight seemed like a good idea.
Rose loved it. She could hide in the long grass and hurl balloons at her older sister without Caddy noticing her.

Their family life might be a little unconventional but Indigo and Saffron were determined to still have fun. They enjoyed meeting up with the close friends, Rosie, Tara and Emilio at the clubs in town for an evening of dancing and laughter. Both knew their home life wasn’t perfect but it could always be a lot worse. It paid to make the best of life.

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