This Little Life Of Mine

Everything In Jack Goldsmith’s Life Is About To Change…

Summer, Year 5
Marcella gave another groan. Jack began to panic. This was happening far too soon! The baby shouldn’t be coming yet!
“Jack!” Marcella said impatiently. “Let’s just get to the hospital, okay?”
Still panicking, Jack hurried out of the flat with Marcella close behind. It was probably going to be a very long night.

Jack was still in a state of panic when they arrived at the hospital but Marcella took the situation in hand. It was no use leaving it to Jack.

Sean Goldsmith was born in the early hours of the 4th of Summer. Marcella was incredibly proud of her bouncing baby boy.

Jack was in a state of shock. All his life so far, he’d been shying away from any commitments in his relationships with women; even having Marcella moving in with him had been going against the habits of a lifetime. Now he had a baby. His own son, a part of him and Marcella. Something that would link them now forever, whatever happened to their relationship.
It made Jack start thinking. Was this really what he wanted?

The first few days after Sean’s birth were some of the hardest Jack had been through. Bonding with a baby he was partially terrified of was not the easy experience he’d hoped it might have been. Naively, he’d thought that once the baby was born, he’d get used to the idea and even feel fond of the baby. While he was extremely protective, he was struggling with the idea that this child was a lifelong commitment.

Marcella was very understanding. She knew this had been a lot for Jack to take in and while she wished he’d hurry up and settle into their new life and new routine, she did realise that this wasn’t something he’d ever planned.

Eventually, Jack stopped agonising about it and just got on with life. he had a lot of work on at the moment and it was time to get back out there and in front of a camera. And to warm up, he decided to entertain his neighbours by performing impromptu monologues in the street.

Meanwhile, Marcella found it incredibly helpful to talk to other Mums. Isabella often ventured into the city for the markets and for shopping and she loved meeting up with Marcella to talk about their children.

Jack’s agency thought his image could do with a boost. While his acting career was going great, he was always reluctant to share too much of his private life in interviews and as such, most people didn’t even know he was a new father.
So to change that, he was invited to do a short video to advertise some new toys for young children. Marcella thought it was an excellent idea and something that might help Jack get more used to the family atmosphere.

It seemed to work. Jack settled into a better, if still sleep-deprived, routine. The sleep deprivation wasn’t always Sean’s crying; the flat across the hallway was being temporarily occupied by University students on their summer holiday and they tended to be up late, playing loud music, laughing and drinking. For a man with an erratic work schedule and a new baby, plus an exhausted new mother, this didn’t go down well and Jack found himself pounding angrily on their door.
“We’re going to have to think about moving soon,” Jack commented one morning as he poured copious amounts of coffee into his mug. “The noise is intolerable.”
Marcella yawned in response. “It’s only until they go back in the Autumn,” she replied sleepily.
“I’m serious.” Jack shook his head. “Look, Sean needs a proper nursery. Eventually, he’s going to need more space, too. I’m being realistic, Marcella.”
Smiling, Marcella watched Jack as he paced the kitchen. Domesticity was beginning to suit him after all.

After a very steamy shower together, Marcella found herself smiling again as she watched Jack getting dressed. He had to be on set later and he was cutting it close to catching his plane to Del Sol Valley. She loved distracting him; it tested his abilities as an actor and she loved that.

Although she’d put Jack off the idea of moving immediately, she began to reconsider when she saw further proof that the flat was haunted. It wasn’t the first time she’d had that feeling and Jack had mentioned it more than once before. But when she saw the resident specter up close and personal, she panicked. This was no environment to raise a baby in.

“Nice to see you back on set, Mr Goldsmith,” the makeup artist, Kiera, commented. Jack was sitting back getting his hair and makeup done for the medical drama he was working on. He had a short but powerful part and they were hoping to wrap up shooting for his today. “We’ve missed you here.”
“That’s sweet of you to say,” Jack replied. “I’m glad to be back!”

“Nice gown,” Jack commented. Smirking, he peered at Daniel’s costume. “Impressive. You’ve got the legs for it.”
“Piss off,” Daniel grinned. “I haven’t seen you for a while. That baby tying you to the flat already?”
Jack laughed and slapped Daniel on the back.

“It’s not been so bad,” Jack replied. “I mean, I’m having a hell of a time trying to bond with Sean.” He sighed, his mood suddenly sombre. “Did you have trouble with Willow?”
Daniel shook his head. “Not really. But to be fair, Jack, I don’t live with her or Cristina. So maybe that’s why.”
Nodding, Jack looked thoughtful for a moment. He shook himself slightly and pulled out some paper. “Yeah, probably. Anyway, shall we rehearse a bit?”
Daniel regarded his friend curiously but didn’t say anything. He pulled out his lines and began to read.

Marcella also had a job and was due on set later that day. She’d been trying to practice her lines in the mirror at home for hours but with Sean crying and the phone non-stop ringing, she’d barely got past the first few lines. Somebody kept pestering her to donate to make herself happier. She caved in the end; it was only one simoleon after all and she could hardly begrudge the woman that.

She finally arrived on set, got changed and started rehearsing her lines again at work. Surprisingly, she had far fewer interruptions from her colleagues and managed to get through the script with no delays.
Unfortunately, filming wasn’t going well. She was supposed to be advertising cleaning materials and sadly, he tricks with the broom on deck of the ship set didn’t go very well.
With a pounding headache and a stern lecture, she trudged gloomily off set and changed. She began to wonder if she really wanted to keep on acting, now she had her son. Was this really what she wanted after all?

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