Gameplay Notes #4 ~ Rohan & Zoe: A Relationship Dynamic

In the last update, Rohan and Zoe got engaged shortly after Rohan saw Zoe flirting with Nick Huddleston. I wanted to use this post to explain a little about their relationship dynamic.

Rohan has a very complicated relationship with his grandparents. Having moved in with them after his parents died, he was virtually raised by them and feels that he owes them a lot as a thank you. Technically, he still lives with them, although he’d love to one day earn enough money to buy them a better house, somewhere out of Britechester. That’s why he wants to do well at University but he’s also working part time and saving money in his bank account.

Ekram and Eleanore Elderberry both have very traditional values. They don’t believe in sex before marriage and have strong expectations of the kind of person Rohan should become. As a result, Rohan never felt much love or affection from them; something that will be explored later.

When Rohan started dating Zoe De Luca, he tried to keep it a secret. He was afraid of Riccardo not liking him any more if his friend knew Rohan was dating his sister. As it turned out, Riccardo was very approving but unfortunately, Zoe’s father were not. Ever since the disastrous dinner, Rohan’s felt a little uneasy around Zoe and her family.

Given Rohan’s lack of affection from his grandparents, he’s desperate not to lose Zoe; the first person to show him any genuine affection in years. So when he saw Zoe and Nick flirting, he immediately assumes it’s his fault and he’s not committed enough to Zoe. As a result, his first reaction is to propose to her. He’s gone against the principles he grew up with in order to keep Zoe. I don’t know how this will turn out for them but I’ll hope for the best!

Zoe, on the other hand, is from a large family, where individual attention is few and far between. When Rohan first started seeing her, she was thrilled because he was the first person to pay her attention. She was still at school then, so it was a big deal to have a boyfriend at University.

However, Zoe’s at UBrite now and Rohan’s at Foxbury. She’s found she is attractive and a lot of the boys at her University fancy her and are vying for her attention. She’s enjoying being the centre of attention and when she discovers that Nick obviously fancies her too, she’s lapping it up. So far, she seems oblivious to Rohan’s anxieties over their relationship and instead is enjoying being popular.

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