Year 4: Summary

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On to the summary!

Year 4 was a very busy year for a lot of the residents.


Cristina Lombardo, Caleb Vatore and Simon London moved from San Myshuno to Glimmerbrook to avoid Vladislaus and the vampires from Forgotten Hollow. Cristina also discovered that she and Daniel Clancy were expecting a baby.
Rohan Elderberry started up a relationship with Zoe De Luca, the younger sister of his best friend Riccardo. Riccardo himself started up a fling with Lucia Collazo, in spite of a very rocky start.
Isabella and Javon Edge welcomed their daughter, Caitriona, into the world. Javon’s paintings sold well at his latest exhibition and Isabella got involved in some community work.
Ryan Valentine moved to Evergreen Harbour to accommodate his brother, Elliott.
Andrea Houston’s parents move into their own bungalow in Willow Creek. Her brother, Aaron, moves in with them. Aaron has something to hide but he won’t talk about it to anyone yet.
Hollie Richmond’s sister, Daisy Croft, moves in with her and Ethan to help look after Jenna, now that Ethan’s started studying for his degree. Daisy meets Gerald Davies in the High Street. Hollie discovers she’s pregnant.
– The Stantons move to Newcrest, with their six children.
William and Maggie Valentine welcome their youngest daughter, Celestia. Rosie has developed a crush on Emilio De Luca, something she hopes hasn’t been noticed by her brother Christopher.
Ellie Livingston’s charity shop is doing fairly well. She has a chance meetup with her ex-boyfriend, Gerald, on a night out at Creek Street with the girls. They had a surprisingly good catch-up and Ellie begins to wonder if she still has feelings for him. Due to her financial situation, she begins to wonder if staying in Willow Creek is really a good idea.
– Simon and Caleb get engaged.


– Gerald finds out he’s coming into some money; but he has to get married before he’s allowed to claim it. He explores the possibility of getting back together with Ellie and she turns him down. He tries her sister, Rebecca and, in spite of a quickie in the bushes, she also turns him down. Eventually, he invites Daisy over and she ends up spending the night.
– Zoe decides it’s time Rohan met her parents properly when he visits with Riccardo and Elliott just after finishing University for the year. Emilio finds out that Rosie fancies him when Christopher tells him. He invites Rosie out one evening and they kiss. Alex De Luca is still being a pain at home and is in constant trouble. Zoe goes out for dinner with Rohan and her parents but Magnus makes it clear he can’t stand Rohan.
– Hollie finally tells Ethan she’s pregnant and he reacts with shock. Daisy tells her sister about her relationship with Gerald and Hollie reacts badly. Hollie invites Ellie over to try and talk some sense into Daisy but it backfires. Gerald invites Daisy over for dinner at his flat and asks her to marry him. Daisy says yes and Hollie gets very upset when she finds out. Daisy sneaks out and marries Gerald in secret in Sulani.
– Hollie finds it difficult coping with a toddler and a baby on the way, now her sister’s moved out. Her friends are equally upset to find out about Daisy. Later, Daisy calls round to visit and is greeted by Ethan. He congratulates her on her marriage and the sisters make up.
Jared De Luca and Andrea throw a housewarming party and then an engagement party in their new house in Evergreen Harbour. Riccardo’s living with them for the summer and Andrea gets frustrated when Jared’s parents call round without asking. Marie and Magnus confide in Riccardo and Jared respectively about the disastrous dinner with Zoe and Rohan. Andrea and Jared have crossed words about his family but make up quickly to enjoy their parties.
– The Cassons move to Windenburg and befriend their new neigbours, Javon and Isabella. Bill Casson discovers Javon is a fellow artist. Indigo invited his new friend, Emilio, over to the house and Saffy takes a liking to him. Caddy discovers she’s been rejected for University.
– Saffy, Caddy and Indigo head to the UTA Music Festival for the first time, with Emilio in tow. Caddy meets up with Zoe and they talk about University. Saffy and Emilio sign a duet and are both surprised by how good a singer the other one is.
Hayley Bolton arrives at the UTA Music Festival to headline the second day. She was worrying in case Raúl showed up with Ryan, as she’d been quietly dating both. To her relief, only Ryan showed up and they shared a very public kiss before being photographed numerous times. Hayley panics when she realises Raúl is going to find out.
– Many members of the De Luca family have been diagnosed with high blood pressure and are all trying to exercise more. Tensions are running high among the siblings and Tara has a small breakdown. Emilio experiencing strange feelings and talks to the only member of the household he can; Basil the hamster. The teens end up having a party at The Rainbow Room and Alex started a feud with Elsa Bjergsen. Aaron Houston had also been rejected from University and his mother, Erica, was worried about him.
Jack Goldsmith receives a strange phone call, telling him the number six would be important. He shrugs it off and continues rehearsals with his coworkers. Surprising himself, Jack asks Marcella Winters to move in with him and she gladly accepts. They enjoy a very passionate night together and Marcella feels on top of the world. The following day at work, Rebecca mocks him for looking tired so he tells her that Marcella’s moving in, which stuns Rebecca into silence. Marcella joins The Actors Company and the group rehearse together. Jack finds himself wondering if he’s actually falling in love with Marcella. The day before Marcella moves in, she tells Jack she’s pregnant.


– Daisy nags Gerald into getting fitter and takes him to the leisure centre, much to his frustration. He snaps at Daisy and she begins to feel guilty. She suggests he goes ahead and opens the restaurant he’s always talked about.
– Rohan feels a little low after realising Zoe’s family don’t like him at all. He confides in Lucia, who helps him to feel a little bit better. Lucia later tries to talk Riccardo into a serious relationship but he walks away. Raúl splits up with Hayley.
– Rebecca’s acting career is still on the skids, so she takes up modelling and is very successful with it. She invites Ellie out to the community centre in an apparent attempt to patch things up but really to show off her success and celebrity status. Andrea later organises a summit meeting at Eden between the two but it doesn’t go very well. At work, she finds herself messing up her scenes with Daniel again.
– Hollie and Isabella join forces with Emily Stanton to set up a club for tired Mums. Ethan also sets up a fathers club with Javon and William Stanton.
– William Valentine gets frustrated with Ryan for messing around with a pop singer and starts nagging his eldest son, who resents the interference. Rosie and Emilio establish their relationship and Christopher couldn’t be happier for them. William and Maggie have words over William’s row with Ryan.
– Ryan discovers something odd in Strangerville and confides in his friend, Andrea. Hayley’s convinced he’s overthinking the situation but he’s becomes determined to investigate and instead travels to the lab to uncover the secrets. He later goes out for dinner with Hayley, who tries to make him feel better in spite of his argument with his father.
– Andrea visits Strangerville herself with Jared and Aaron and gets involved in an investigation of the lab. Erica expresses concern about her daughter getting involved but Andrea ignores her. Jared tells her how proud he is of her.
– Cristina starts questioning her feelings towards Daniel as her due date gets closer. Simon feels frustrated because he’d love children and Cristina’s having one she doesn’t even want. He has an idea for him and Caleb to raise the baby, since Cristina doesn’t want to and Cristina agrees. Hollie invites Cristina over to visit and they commiserate about their pregnancy discomforts. Finally, Cristina gives birth to her baby, Willow.
– Daniel is still shell-shocked at becoming a father. He eventually goes to visit his daughter and is overwhelmed with affection when he sees her. Caleb assured him he’d still be able to visit as often as he wanted. Daniel feels hurt when Cristina barely acknowledges him.


– Gerald and Daisy open The Sand Bar in Sulani.They spend a nice afternoon at the beach with Ethan, Hollie and Jenna. Daisy finds herself thinking about Ethan more than she should and Gerald gets angry with her for being so nice to all the customers.
– Experiencing financial difficulties, Daniel confides in Jack, who suggests he gets a roommate. Zackery Dennis moves in, with his music, and begins to irritate Daniel. Cristina invites Daniel on a date to the Von Haunt Estate and he gladly goes, relieved to have some idea of where he stood with her.
– Hollie catches Ethan and Daisy flirting at home, shortly before Christmas and is deeply hurt. Ethan assures her it was Daisy who instigated but Daisy later insists it was Ethan. Conflicted, Hollie confides in Emily. Ethan starts to feel a little guilty over his attraction to Daisy and later admits to Riccardo that he thinks he’s in love with Daisy. Ethan and Hollie make an effort to have a normal Christmas for Jenna and Ethan takes his daughter snowboarding. Daisy invites Ethan out for coffee and he can’t resist. Hollie goes into labour and gives birth to their son, Jareth. Ethan and Daisy share a close embrace in the living room.
– Simon and Caleb get married in a wintry ceremony in Windenburg.
– Javon and Isabella celebrate Ronan’s third birthday with a party at the Early Learning Centre.
– Jack is stunned to see Marcella flirting with Daniel but later wonders if he imagine it. Marcella does flirt with Daniel and Rebecca witnesses but promise she won’t say anything. Marcella pushes Jack to attend a parenting class so she can organise a New Years Eve party at the flat. Jack has a heart-to-heart with Ellie and later finds himself drunkenly admiring Rebecca.

It was a rollercoaster year, so thanks for sticking with us! Who knows what Year 5 will have in store?

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