A Little Family Party

Ronan Edge Is Celebrating His Third Birthday…And His Parents Wonder Where The Time Has Gone!

Winter, Year 4
Isabella frowned at her laptop again. She’d spent days trying to get some work done and there was always something, or someone, to interrupt her. Working from home with a baby, a toddler and two lively dogs wasn’t ideal and certainly wasn’t conducive to a productive day. Nevertheless, she was determined to finish this job.
It was typical. It was Ronan’s third birthday and they were having a small party at the Early Learning Centre later in the afternoon. Isabella really wanted to finish this task for a client and as usual, the dogs needed walking, Ronan needed attention, Caitriona needed changing, the laundry was waiting in both the washing machine and the tumble dryer and there was still some washing up to do after breakfast.

At least Javon had the job of entertaining Ronan down pat. Overall, they made a good team around the house. Both had freelance work that demanded a lot of their attention but while it was a challenge to make it work with two young children, the rewards were worth it.
Javon loved his family. When he’d first met Isabella at UBrite, he’d never expected to really fall for her, get married at a young age and have two young children but here he was, with his eldest about to turn three.

There were a few things to do before setting off for the party. Isabella was learning Windenburgish as a bit of a hobby but also because she planned to translate her books into a variety of languages eventually, when she started writing for herself. Additionally, as they lived in Windenburg, she wanted to better communicate with the local people.
Javon took over the job of playing with the dogs.

Finally, it was time to set off for the Early Learning Centre. Ronan loved going there to play; it was so bright and colourful and there was always something to do!

It wasn’t long before his guests arrived for the party. Isabella had invited Emily Stanton’s youngest three children to the party. She’d met Emily at the Tired Mothers meetings in Willow Creek with Hollie and the two woman had hit it off instantly. Isabella and Emily had met up several times since with the toddlers and Ronan got along really well with them all.
Isabella greeted to toddlers as they arrived and settled down to read a wonderful adventure of knights and castles, princesses and dragons. Ronan loved fantasy stories! Warwick and Sayer gathered round to listen intently to the story.

Even little Aoife Stanton clambered up onto a pile of cushions in the story corner to listen. She was normally a bit of a fidget and didn’t like sitting still but she squealed with delight when it came to the fire breathing dragon part of the story!

At the end of the party, Ronan sat proudly atop the slide and watched his friends going home. He’d had a lovely little party with his close friends. Three was such a big number to him and an even bigger number to his proud parents.

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