I Think I Want To Marry You

With A Heavy Snowfall Due In Windenburg, Simon And Caleb Prepare For Their Upcoming Wedding.

Winter, Year 4
“Come on, let’s get this done,” Simon said as he led the way. Cristina had dragged them both into the city to sort out their wedding finery for their upcoming ceremony. A new boutique, Petite Fleur, had opened in the Fashion district of the city and she’d been dying to check it out.
Simon stepped through the door and drank in the shop. He didn’t mind shopping that much and at least the place wasn’t too crowded.

“Hey you guys!” Andrea beamed at Simon and Caleb as they walked through the door. “I wasn’t expecting to see you here!”
“Hey, Andrea!” Simon smiled. “You look amazing.”
She grinned, looking proud. “Thank you! I’m just here for some ideas, really. Jared and I are getting married next year, so I just wanted an idea of what’s around.”
“Of course. That’ll be a bit hot for Sulani, won’t it?” Simon asked, looking at the long sleeves.
“We were going for a Sulani wedding but we were actually thinking of Brindleton Bay. There’s a new yacht club being built there which caters for weddings. Since both out families and some close friends will be there, we thought somewhere spacious might be a good idea.”
“Oh good luck! Sounds like that’ll be fantastic!” Simon grinned at his friend.

“This is formal wear?” Cristina asked incredulously. “Seriously? This is ridiculous. I’m going to a wedding!”
“It’s…different.” Andrea came over to see them after she’d finished trying on dresses.
“It’s not what I had in mind.” Cristina shook her head. “Eurgh, I don’t think I’ll bother with a new dress. I’m sure I’ve got something at home that’ll work.”

Finally, the day arrived. Simon and Caleb were standing nervously at the arch in the grounds of the Von Haunt Estate in Windenburg. Cristina had been successful in renting it for the day, so they could celebrate with a small reception after the ceremony.

They only had Cristina and Lillith at the wedding. Caleb hadn’t been completely certain his sister was coming, since he’d not seen her for a long time. He suspected things weren’t going so well with her and Will but he purposefully said nothing. Nonetheless, it was lovely to see her there.

They were lucky they had a bright day for it and the reception up at the manor house was beautiful. Cristina had baked a delicious cake for them and they had the first dance together, gazing out over the beauty of the grounds.

The guys both gave Cristina a big hug, to thank her for organising the whole day. “You’re a star, Cristina,” Simon said. “Thank you so much.”
Cristina beamed. “You’re welcome, guys. I was glad to do it. You’ve both been incredible since I had Willow and I really wanted to do something for you. And wait until you see the album I’ll put together for you! You’ll love it!”

“Caleb, I am so proud of you!” Lillith flung her arms around her brother. “Congratulations!!”
“Thank you!” Caleb wrapped his arms tightly around her. “How are you, Lillith? I was half expecting not to see you today.”
Lillith hesitated. “Will wasn’t happy about me coming. In the end, I told him I was going out for a walk.”
“He…he doesn’t know you’re here?” Caleb froze.
“No, he doesn’t.” Lillith laughed. “Don’t worry! He’s not coming after you, you can relax.”
Caleb wasn’t so certain.

After the party was over, the trio returned to Casters Keep. The boys went out to the conservatory and Cristina slipped out of her evening dress and into her more comfortable clothes. She’d fixed herself a salad and chatted happily to Oreo, who was observing from atop the fridge.
As she carried her food through to the dining room, she found herself idly thinking about Daniel. She’d never considered actually marrying him; she liked him and she had to admit, they did make a nice couple. They had good chemistry and while he seemed a little emotionally unstable, she did enjoy his company. She remembered what he’d been like when she’d gone out with him several weeks earlier, when they’d gone to the Von Haunt Estate themselves. He’d even asked her if she’d ever intended to get married. She’d laughed at him then but she suddenly found herself thinking about it.
Mentally shaking herself, she decided it must simply have been the energy of Caleb and Simon’s wedding that was getting to her. Instead, she focused on her food and watching Oreo sleeping on the table.

Meanwhile, the newlyweds were sitting out in the conservatory, chatting. They didn’t intend to have a honeymoon but they did want to go out for the evening, just the two of them.
Up to now, they’d been avoiding going to Deep Purple because they knew how much time Will and the others spent there. Tonight, though, they didn’t care.

The lounge was pretty quiet when the guys arrived and settled at the bar. One of their enemies, Victor, was serving but he didn’t pay them much attention as he served their drinks. For a while, it felt almost too good to be true that Will wasn’t going to show up.

Sadly, it wasn’t long before Will and Donald turned up. Caleb and Simon found it difficult to ignore the vicious vampires but strengthened their resolve. It was their wedding celebration and they refused to let the likes of Will Major ruin it.
Instead, they danced and sang and, when they started to tire, they began to make plans…

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