A Restaurant In Time

Gerald Davies Finally Opens ‘The Sand Bar’ In Sulani With Wife Daisy.

Winter, Year 4
“Is everything to your satisfaction?” Gerald asked for what felt like the hundredth time as he approached a couple of teenagers at a table.
“Yes, thank you, sir.”
Gerald nodded and walked away. All this being nice was driving him nuts. He knew Daisy was right; he needed to start being more civil with people if he was going to make his restaurant, The Sand Bar, successful. Unfortunately, being nice had never been his strong point.

“I can’t believe he’s done it at last,” Andrea commented as she sat down with her parents. “The restaurant looks wonderful, Daisy.”
Daisy grinned. “Took him long enough, didn’t it? Hollie mentioned he’d been talking about doing this for years.”
“I remember him mentioning it at Uni.” Andrea smiled. “How are things with you two?”
“We’re doing well.” Daisy paused. “I mean, we have our ups and downs but overall, it’s not so bad.”
“Well I’m glad to hear that!” Andrea smiled again. “I’m sure you’ll be fine. I think you’re good for him.” Her face broke into a grin. “I know Hollie and Ellie have their doubts but I think you’ll bring out the best in him.”
Daisy beamed. “Thank you, Andrea. I really appreciate that.”

The following day, Daisy spent some quality time with her family. Hollie and Ethan brought Jenna down to the beach in Sulani and Daisy and Gerald met up with them. She could tell her sister and brother-in-law still didn’t like Gerald that much but there wasn’t much she could do about that. At least little Jenna had no judgements; she was always pleased to see her Aunty Daisy. They had a wonderful afternoon, building sand sculptures all over the beach. In spite of the tension between the two couples, the afternoon was a very pleasant one.

Gerald and Daisy hung back until after the others had gone. Gerald pulled his wife into a hug. “Thanks for putting up with me, Daisy.”
Daisy hugged him back. “You’re worth it. I know Hollie doesn’t approve but I know we can make a go of this restaurant. It’ll be fun to. You’ll see.”
“I hope so.” Gerald wasn’t convinced. He’d always wanted the restaurant but he had to admit; he’d not thought about being nice to people all the time. That might be more difficult and make the task a lot more complicated than he’d ever imagined.

Daisy sat back, watching the news a few days later. Her mind drifted and her eyes wandered over the photos on the wall and on the table beside the television. She’d made sure she’d put a lot of their wedding photos up when they’d returned from their honeymoon in Granite Falls. They were a stubborn reminder that they had a lot going for them. It was mornings like this that made that difficult to remember sometimes; when Gerald left the flat in a mood because he had an early start and he hadn’t slept much. She knew it wasn’t fair of him to keep blaming her for that but she also hated seeing him upset.
Her mind drifted back to the afternoon at the beach with Ethan, Hollie and Jenna. She’d been finding recently that she couldn’t quite get Ethan out of her head. Something about him…

Gerald stepped into the cool dining room at The Sand Bar. The restaurant was closed at the moment but he’d be opening it again in half an hour. He just wanted to collect his thoughts, first.
The restaurant was already turning over a small profit; that was a good start and the credit to that would have to go largely to Daisy for her fantastic people skills. Gerald hadn’t been perfect but it was better than nothing.
He hadn’t realised how much work it would be but that wasn’t so bad; the commute from San Myshuno to Sulani was long and Daisy was convinced that was what made him so grumpy when he arrived at the restaurant. Maybe she was right.

He was pleased when Daisy arrived later that afternoon. She was so much better at talking to the customers than he was.

Unfortunately, the pressure to be civil began to get to Gerald. He realised the customers were definitely preferring talking to Daisy than talking to him and he began to feel irritated, even though he knew she was much better at it.
“Do you think you could stop doing that?” Gerald snapped. He’d just watched Daisy chatting happily to another group at one of the patio tables and enough was enough. “This is my restaurant.”
“Pardon?” Daisy looked stunned. “What did I do?”
“I’m the manager; it should be me they see.”
Frowning Daisy gave him a sideways glance. “Are you okay? Have you been drinking?”
He gave her a withering look. “Just stop it. Stop talking to people.” Before she could respond, he’d swept away and up the stairs. Towards the bar, Daisy noted as she watched him go.
They were clearing up later as the last customers finished their meal before she spotted Gerald swaying and staggering between tables.
“Oh God,” she thought as she watched him with horror. “He’s drunk!”
She caught herself wondering if Ethan ever got drunk. Mentally shaking herself for thinking once again about her brother-in-law, she hurried to help her husband.

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  1. Uh oh… Somehow I had a feeling this restaurant idea wasn’t a good one… this is like watching a car crash in slow motion without being able to do anything

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