Things Don’t Always Turn Out That Way

With An Acting Career On The Skids, Rebecca Livingston Starts To Explore Other Possibilities…

Autumn, Year 4
The clouds moved swiftly above the city skyline as Rebecca gazed out of the window of her flat. Things were still tight in the finance department. While the jobs she was getting were excellent, they only just covered the rent for the flat and with high bills to pay, she was finding it difficult to make ends meet.
She didn’t want to give up the flat; it was big and in the most expensive part of the city. It would be all over the tabloids if she downgraded and she couldn’t live with that. Not when Hayley Bolton had received several news articles about her new flat when she moved into a bigger, posher one.
What Rebecca needed was some money in between jobs.

Fortunately, Rebecca didn’t have long to wait. She’d been modelling a little over the last year and finally, she was receiving recognition for her efforts. To be on the cover of a magazine was perfect and she contacted them immediately to confirm the shoot.

She couldn’t wait to get started. This was her dream; if acting wasn’t working out so well then at least she had a promising career as a model to look forward to!

In Rebecca’s opinion, the photoshoot couldn’t have gone any better. Her flat had been a perfect, natural location and she was extremely excited.
This called for a night on the town.

Sadly, there wasn’t much of interest happening and she realised that she’d barely heard from any of her friends lately. She and Ellie barely spoke these days, Isabella and Hollie were busy with their families. Andrea had moved away to Evergreen Harbour and didn’t make it back to the city often and Cristina was living in Glimmerbrook. She’d been so busy with her bustling career as a model that she’d forgotten all about her friends.

It was high time she put that right. With a quick text, she arranged to meet her sister somewhere ‘neutral’. The Community Centre in the Spice District seemed ideal, particularly after she invited a couple of photographers and journalists along. She proudly posed for photos outside the centre while waiting for Ellie to arrive.
When Ellie did arrive, she rolled her eyes in despair. “Is this why you invited me here?” She asked, crossly. “To show off how famous and desirable you are?”
“I can’t help it if I’m the sexier twin, can I?” Rebecca winked at the photographers and barely glanced at her sister.
Ellie often found herself feeling like the frumpy sister whenever she and Rebecca got together and it wasn’t a flattering feeling.

Rebecca was stunned the following day to receive a breakfast invitation from Andrea; stunned and suspicious. She hadn’t heard much from her friend since Andrea and Jared had moved out of the city and to suddenly hear from her shortly after seeing Ellie was definitely suspicious.
Never one to turn down an invitation, she agreed to meet up with her friend. She feigned surprise when Ellie also showed up, right before from work.
“Becks, we’re worried about you.” Andrea said. “We’ve hardly seen you recently.”
“Didn’t you see my magazine cover?” Rebecca asked, proudly.
Andrea sighed. “Yes, we did. I was thinking more along the lines off nights out, that kind of thing.”
“Well it’s impossible.” Rebecca rolled her eyes. “Isabella and Hollie are always caring for babies and now Cristina’s no better, expecting her little bundle.”
“Oh come on. We’re still here,” Ellie pointed out. “You’re so full of it, Rebecca. So full of yourself and your own damn publicity.”
“Obviously you’re insanely jealous of my fame and looks,” Rebecca sneered. “Go back to your pathetic existence, Ellie.”
Andrea could feel a headache coming on.

After thanking Andrea for breakfast, she stalked out of the restaurant with her head held high. After all, she had to be on set later that day and she couldn’t afford to miss her flight out to Del Sol Valley.
Briefly, she wondered if she’d been entirely fair to Ellie in the restaurant and decided she had been. Ellie had been like this ever since they’d started sharing a flat after Uni. She’d clearly been jealous of Rebecca’s relationship with Gerald and tried to have him for herself. She’d got close to Daniel
Not that that mattered, of course. Rebecca mentally shook herself and carried on. Ellie had been creating one problem after another for Rebecca and she was sick of it and sick of her sister.

The role was easy, really; just picking up from the previous series as a sci-fi heroine. Unfortunately she was acting against Daniel and Rebecca was all too aware that something about Daniel Clancy made her go to pieces. Today was no exception and after dropping her sword and stabbing herself in the foot once again during their fight scene, the director screamed “CUT!” and the lights went dead.
Maybe modelling was going to be her true calling after all.

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