A Bite To Eat

The Time Has Come For Some Changes In Gerald’s Life. The Question Is; Will He Welcome Them?

Autumn, Year 4
The earliest days of autumn were usually still warm in the city. Gerald was out on his run; a new routine suggested by Daisy to improve his overall fitness. He wasn’t so sure about it himself; it seemed like a lot of work but Daisy had pointed out that he’d been sluggish for a long time now and it was time to sort himself out. Reluctantly, Gerald agreed. It didn’t help that his doctors appointments weren’t showing much sign of improvement, so Daisy nagging was probably exactly what he needed.

After his run, Daisy had suggested they spend the day together at Lux Park in Windenburg. Once again, Gerald was reluctant and complained for the entire journey. By the time they reached the centre, Daisy felt a little despondent. She’d been hoping Gerald would take to her view of life. Healthy food and plenty of exercise were two things she felt very passionately about and, prior to the wedding, she’d assumed he felt the same. Now she was beginning to reconsider.

Even after exercising and even trying yoga, Gerald didn’t feel much better by the end of the afternoon. It was suggested by the yoga instructor that a massage might be in order to aid his aching muscles and, since it sounded like something that required no effort at all, Gerald agreed.
By the end of the massage, he wasn’t so sure that had been a good idea either.

It was dark by the time the couple left the leisure centre. Hand in hand, they walked along the edge of the park and towards the bus stop.
After a while, the silence started to drive Daisy mad. “Look, I’m sorry.” She said. “I didn’t know you’d hate it that much. I thought you’d at least have wanted to give it a try.”
“Well I didn’t.” Gerald snapped. “I hate this exercise stuff. It takes up far too much of my time.”
Daisy felt terrible as they waited for their bus. Gerald’s day off had been a complete waste of time.

“Look, I understand that you aren’t happy right now, Gerald.” Daisy tried later that evening. They were back in their apartment and Gerald was still in a terrible mood. “And I know you really want that restaurant we talked about. So I was thinking; let’s do it. Let’s really go for that dream of yours.”
Gerald looked stunned. “Are you serious?”
“I am, yes. Look, you’ve got that loan I suggested and the money from your inheritance. Why not put them to good use? Take a chance, Gerald. If you don’t try, you’ll never know what might happen.”
Blinking several times, Gerald thought long and hard. He’d been in a rut; he knew that and in his gut, he knew why too. He wasn’t prepared to talk about it yet and certainly not with Daisy. However now did seem to be the time to get himself out of that rut.
Could it really be what he was needing?

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