Hopelessly Devoted

When You’re Hopelessly Devoted To Somebody, You’d Do Anything For Them…And It’s Worth It

Spring, Year 4
Some images are slightly NSFW
Caleb was in one of his brooding moods, as Simon called them. The daytime could be boring; with Simon working at the hospital, and Cristina complaining about her pregnancy, Caleb found the atmosphere stifling so he liked to get out of the house. The fresh air in Glimmerbrook was a world apart from the dark, damp air in Forgotten Hollow, or the traffic fumes and noise of the city. There was something very soothing about the waterfall as Caleb gazed thoughtfully over the valley.

Simon was taking Caleb out to a mystery location that evening, so Caleb spent a long time in the bathroom getting ready. Some tasks were more straightforward than others; brushing teeth for a vampire was known to be a slightly more complicated procedure.

“The waterfall!” Caleb cried, laughing as Simon led him beyond the portal. “I was here this afternoon!”
Simon grinned. “Caleb, I was going to do this later but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait.” Simon dropped to one knee on the stone and pulled a box out of his pocket.
“Oh my god,” Caleb murmured when he saw it.
“Caleb, from the moment I met you, I fell in love with you. I’ve never been happier than I have since I met you and I know we haven’t been together for long but I love you. Caleb, will you marry me?”

Caleb flung his arms around Simon as he said yes. He couldn’t believe it; he’d not considered for a moment that Simon would propose and it had come so out of the blue!

Simon and Caleb stayed out all night, talking and making plans. They wanted to wait until after Cristina had had her baby because they wanted her at the wedding. They didn’t want a huge affair; just close friends and family. Simon was edgy about Lillith coming if she brought Will but they decided to cross that bridge when they came to it. It wouldn’t be for a while and anything could happen in that time.

Caleb smiled as the guys were walking back home just as the sun began to rise. They’d been firing texts off to their friends during the night and Jared, ever the early-bird had replied with a congratulatory text already. Their next stop was going to be a night out at the Rainbow Room to celebrate.

Simon’s friends, Brant and Brent, joined them to celebrate their engagement. The Rainbow Room was Caleb’s favourite club; the atmosphere was so relaxed and it was wonderful to hang out with their friends to celebrate such a big milestone in their relationship.

“And you really had no idea?” Simon asked as he danced with Caleb in the club at the back.”
Caleb laughed. “No. I didn’t expect it. Not so soon.”
“Well I didn’t see a point in waiting around. I know what I want.” Simon leaned back and kissed Caleb. It was about time things went well for them both.

Slightly tipsy, the guys tried their hand at karaoke with a modicum of success. Nothing could worry them tonight.

“May I have this dance?” Simon asked. The speakers were playing a slow song and Caleb grinned, accepting Simon’s outstretched hand. He thought his fiancĂ© would never ask. They’d taken so many pictures of the evening and Caleb couldn’t wait to eventually browse through their album.

By the time they returned home, Cristina was already in bed and asleep. Which was just as well because the night was still young and Simon and Caleb had one final celebration in mind before sleep finally overcame them both.

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