Spring Time, Family Time

The Valentine’s Welcome A New Baby To Their Family. The Teens Aren’t Impressed.

Spring, Year 4
Maggie laid Celestia back in her cot and smiled. She’d not been home from the hospital long and she was still glowing after the birth of another daughter. She’d almost given up hope of having a daughter before she’d had Rosie; after three sons it had seemed so unlikely. Now with Rosie in her teens, it was lovely to have another baby girl in the house.

“Isn’t it really weird that your parents just had a baby?”
Christopher had invited his friend Sofia round after school. He pulled a face in response. “Yep, very. What’s even weirder is how they sort of shoved Elliott out. I mean, he could have shared with me but they’ve insisted he moves out so they can turn his room into a nursery.”
“I thought your brother had already moved out?” Sofia asked.
“That’s my eldest brother, Ryan. He’s moved to Evergreen Harbour. Nah, Elliott only left for Uni. He was meant to come back for Christmas but they’d already converted his room.”
“What about his stuff?”
“Gone.” Christopher shrugged and flipped his homework book open. “Dad got rid of it. Elliott doesn’t know yet but he’ll find out in the summer. He’s supposed to come and pick it up when he finishes Uni for the year. He’s going to be pissed when he realises it’s all gone.”
“Wow!” Sofia raised her eyebrows. “That sucks.”
“Sucks even more for Ryan. Him and Elliott have NOTHING in common.”
Sofia shook her head. “That’s going to be a stormy household then.”
“No kidding.” Christopher sighed. “I can’t wait to move out.”

“Hey buddy!” Emilio hugged his best mate as he came through the door. “Heard your Mum’s had the baby. Everything okay?”
Christopher pulled a face. “Sort of. How are you?”
Emilio grinned. “I’m great. Mum’s getting all broody though, because your Mum had a baby. With Ricky and Jared both gone and Zoe off next year, Mum’s getting a very premature empty nest!”
“She’s got loads of you left though!” Christopher was amazed.
“Yeah but Alex is starting senior school in the Autumn. That leaves baby Che at primary.” Emilio shrugged. “Never mind, she’ll be okay.”
“Want to play in the den? Sofia’s here, so we could do some serious gaming.”
Emilio nodded. “You’re on!”

Rosie nipped up to her room after spotting Emilio in the hall. She fancied him for ages and usually made a fool of herself in front of him. He’d never be interested in her anyway; she was just Christopher’s little sister to him. She’d found it easier to hide in her bedroom and daydream whenever Emilio was visiting.
“Rosie! Do you wanna come and play? We need four players for this game!” Christopher’s voice called up the stairs.
She gulped. “Erm, coming!” She called back. She took a deep breath and opened her bedroom door.

Sofia smirked as her character surged ahead of the others. Sneaking a glance over at the other sofas, she noticed Rosie’s scarlet cheeks and smiled. It was no real secret that Rosie liked Emilio. She glanced at the older boy. Sure enough, there was a little blush on his cheeks, too. Interesting. Sofia filed it away and possibly useful information. Perhaps a little matchmaking would be in order.

“Come on you two, stop dawdling. You’re going to be late.” Maggie lectured Christopher and Rosie sternly as she took her plate to the table. “Rosie, come on!”
“All right,” Rosie grumbled. The previous evening had been wonderful. Emilio and Sofia had stayed for a while and they’d all really enjoyed staying up later playing on the console until William had burst in just after 11pm and sent Emilio and Sofia home. The best part had been that Rosie hadn’t made a fool of herself once; Emilio had even complemented her gaming prowess, which had made her glow with pride until 2am.
“Yeah, yeah. Wouldn’t want to be late, would we?” Christopher mumbled sarcastically. He was overtired having stayed on his computer after everyone else had gone to bed. School was the very last place he felt like being.
“No sarcasm. Up and out now! Both of you!” Maggie sighed as her teenagers grabbed their packs and trudged out of the door.

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