Full House

The Stantons Are New In Town And Have A Full House!

Spring, Year 4
Emily whistled peacefully as she watered her new flowers. A big nature lover, she adored flowers and insisted on growing her own. The garden at their new home was perfect for a proper flower garden and she was determined to make a good go of it. Eventually, she dreamed of opening her own floristry business, once all the children were at school.

Today was a special day. It was the twins, Warwick and Aoife’s, birthday today and Emily had baked two cakes for the family to enjoy. Having a large family could be exhausting but it was also very rewarding and Emily couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

In her spare time, she made flower arrangements to sell on Plopsy to earn extra money. A big family like hers cost a lot to feed, so any money she could earn on top of William’s earnings were greatly appreciated.

She also spent time reading to her children. Her eldest daughters, Soley and Nina, were at school and Emily enjoyed sitting and testing their reading. Nina had only started at the primary school in the autumn and already her reading was extremely good.

As a treat, William and Emily took the children to Wood Valley Family Park on Saturdays so they could meet other children and make friends outside school. Soley in particular loved looking after her younger siblings, especially Caiden.

William is a popular bodybuilder and writer. He was very proud of his family and loved Saturdays at the park, playing with his children. Warwick and Sayer in particular loved playing pirates on the playground with him.

Soley smiled as she watched Warwick later. She was very artistic and spent a lot of time at the craft tables in the park. Warwick was playing with the treehouse and chattering to two of the girls Soley knew from school. The family joked that he’d probably become a real ladies man when he was older, since he spent so much time hanging around the older girls.

She also enjoyed the violin and was a great admirer of the Simoleon Philharmonic Society. William had promised to take her to see them one day and she dreamed of becoming as good as them one day.

Emily loved watching the children use their imaginations, whether they were playing with their dolls houses or playing inside the cupboards. She encouraged them to be creative and inventive to appreciate the things they had in life. Soley took these lessons seriously when she played.

Aoife and Sayer enjoyed pretending to be dolphins as they dived into the ball pit. Aoife seemed to be disappointed that her little brother made better dolphin noises than she did but then Aoife seemed to get upset and cross over the smallest things!

Soley and Nina were whispering together and talking about clubs and activities they wanted to participate in. Everything seemed very exciting in their new home and they couldn’t wait to make lots of friends!

2 thoughts on “Full House

  1. Six kids are DEFINITELY a handful, especially when 4 of them are still toddlers! It’s a miracle Emily and William are handling it well. :O And Soley and Nina are so adorable, it makes me look forward to seeing how they’ll look like as teens!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I adore this family but they’re so exhausting to work with! Soley and Nina are the most adorable children I’ve ever worked with! It’ll be a while before they age up to teens (they’re only 6 and 5 now) but I can’t wait to see them either!
      Thanks for commenting!

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