Colour Me Happy

The Edge Family Are Content With Their New Arrival And Life Paths.

Spring, Year 4
Isabella gazed happily at her new bundle. Caitriona Edge was only a few days old but she was very precious and beautiful. It had been the perfect time for Isabella to take up her new job as a freelance writer; at least she could work from home and still be there for her children. The nursery had been fully kitted out after Javon’s most recent exhibition and Isabella was content.

She even started to get involved in the local area. She was helping to organise petitions to repeal action plans from the neighbourhood. She decided that if her children were going to be growing up in Windenburg, she’d better get involved in making sure the community was family-friendly!

Javon was incredibly proud of his family. He watched idly one afternoon as Ronan chowed down his lunch and smiled to himself. Isabella was collecting the last few signatures she needed and Caitriona was fast asleep upstairs. He knew how lucky he was – a lot of people had expressed concern when he and Isabella had married so young but he’d been determined to prove them all wrong.

“Isabella! I hope you don’t mind us dropping round to see you!” Hayley’s voice called from outside.
Surprised, Isabella went to the door. Hayley wasn’t a particularly close friend these days – they’d been to University together but that was about it. To find Hayley standing on the doorstep with a total stranger confused her.
“Izzy, this is William Valentine.” Hayley pushed her way into the house, bringing her guest with her.
“Valentine?” Isabella asked as she closed the door behind them. “As in, Ryan?”
The man nodded. “Ryan’s my eldest.”
“Oh, I see.” She didn’t completely understand but she was prepared to let it go. “I’m sorry, did you two want something?”
“To propose a toast!” Hayley said, her eyes glittering. She produced a bottle out of nowhere and rummaged for some glasses in Isabella’s kitchen. “You don’t have many decent glasses, do you?”
Annoyed, Isabella frowned. “Well Javon and I don’t drink that much.”
“Never mind!” Hayley produced some glasses. “To Izzy and her new baby!”
Isabella was highly suspicious. She made a mental note to ask Andrea soon what was going on.

The thought was still plaguing her a few days later, as she settled at the kitchen table to get on with some work. She and Javon had converted their office-cum-studio into a playroom for Ronan so she had to work in the kitchen, for the sake of peace and quiet; something that was rare to find since they’d had Caitriona.

Javon, in the meantime, was working hard on his exhibitions at the Rising Sun gallery in Del Sol Valley. He’d even started seeing regular faces, in the form of Jack, Ellie and Hollie. He appreciated their loyalty and their presence frequently drew in new customers. He was making a healthy amount of money from the paintings.

Life was good.

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