The House Of Fun

Cristina Has A Surprise Waiting For Her As She Prepares To Move House!

Winter, Year 4
Cristina clutched her stomach and groaned slightly. The nausea she’d been experiencing for the last several days hadn’t eased off at all and she was starting to get a little concerned. She couldn’t afford to be ill now, not when she was due to be house-hunting later that day.

Her coordination and concentration were really off. She couldn’t focus on anything and even managed to slip up while fixing her computer. She hadn’t learnt enough spells yet to put fires out and had to rely on more old-fashioned methods.
Something needed to ease up.

“Oh Oreo, what am I going to do?” Cristina sighed. The news she’d just received hadn’t been altogether surprising and she was wondering what to do next. Daniel would be round to visit her any minute and she still needed to meet up with Simon. He’d sent her a panicky text a few days previously and she’d agreed to meet up with him with a solution to his problem.
She heard a knock on her door. “Wish me luck,” she said to Oreo as she stood up. Oreo looked up and meowed sadly.

“You’re what?” Daniel asked incredulously.
“You heard me.” Cristina bit her lip. “I didn’t mean for this to happen, Daniel. You know I didn’t.”
Daniel sighed. “I’m sorry. But a baby, Cristi? How are we going to cope with a baby?”
“We’ll work something out.” Cristina promised him. “Anyway, I’m moving soon so it won’t be so bad.”
Daniel blinked. “You’re moving?”
“Yeah, I am. A friend from Uni needs some help so I’m moving in with him and his boyfriend for a while. It’s a bigger place, there will be plenty of space to raise a baby.”
“Oh, okay.” Daniel stepped back, feeling shocked. “I think I’d better go.”

“It’s freezing out here!” Cristina complained.
Simon glanced back at her and smiled. “So is this is?” He asked. “It looks nice.”
Nodding, Cristina hugged her wrap closer. “Yeah, it is. We can move in at the end of the week.”

“At least they’ve got a decent fire going in here,” Simon said, laughing as he led Cristina into the market. “This should warm you up.”
“Thanks.” Cristina rubbed her hands together and relaxed in the warmth of the hall. “That’s better.”
“So, baby on the way then?” Simon smiled. “Who’d the lucky guy?”
“Daniel Clancy.” Cristina hugged herself. “We’ve been seeing each other a lot lately. The baby wasn’t planned.”
Simon touched Cristina’s cheek. “You know we’ll help you out, right?”
Nodding, a tear poured down her face. “I know. I’m not sure I even want a baby, Simon. I don’t even like children.”
Feeling stung, Simon nodded. He adored children and would love a family of his own one day.

By the end of the week, Cristina had moved into the little castle in Glimmerbrook. It was very cosy and Daniel was her first guest.
“This is for you,” he said, grinning.
“A violin?” Cristina started laughing. “Thank you!”
“No problem. I remember you mentioned a while ago that you’d always wanted to learn. Now you can!”

“So we’ll be safe here, right?” Caleb asked. He looked around the cosy living room and bit his lip lightly.
“We are. Cristina says Vlad would never think of looking for us in Glimmerbrook. It’s designed for spellcasters.”
Caleb collapsed in Simon’s arms in relief.

“You guys settling in okay?” Cristina asked. They were sitting at the table later, having a coffee. Daniel had left and it was just Cristina and the guys.
“Yeah, no problem.” Simon replied.
“And we’ll be completely safe?” Caleb asked again.
She nodded. “You will, yes. This town is designed for spellcasters. My friend, Darryl, lives here. Vladislaus won’t think to look for you here.”

Cristina suggested they set off for the Romance Festival in the city. “He’s not going to look for you like this, is he?” she reasoned. “After all, he doesn’t do big crowds, does he? Too many witnesses.”
The boys agreed and so they all set off for the festival. Cristina met up with a couple of friends, particularly Javon, whom she hadn’t seen for a long time. The boys danced to the music and with not a care in the world.
Finally. It was time they had some fun.

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