You Make Me Believe In Love

Actor Daniel Clancy Embarks On A Relationship Full Of Hungry Eyes And Unspoken Secrets…

Winter, Year 3
Daniel shivered slightly as the chill of the evening slipped through his jacket. There was a thin blanket of snow on the ground and he could see his breath in the air as he watched the latest human statue in the city. He idly wondered if the statue was really this brilliant or whether she had in fact frozen in position.
Shrugging, he tossed some money at the feet of the statue, turned and left. His warm flat beckoned!

He ran straight into a young woman putting her rubbish bag down the chute.
“Oh god, I’m sorry!” He cried as he detached himself from her. “Are you okay?”
She laughed. “Don’t worry about it! I’m fine.” She smiled. “I’m Cristina. We’re neighbours?” She added, seeing the confusion of his face.
“Oh right, of course.” Daniel stared blankly for a few more minutes.
Cristina laughed. “And you are…?”
“Right!” Daniel mentally shook himself out of his reverie. “Sorry, I’m Daniel Clancy.”
“Well, it’s lovely to meet you, Daniel Clancy,” Cristina said pleasantly.
“Would you like to come in for coffee?” Daniel found himself saying before he’d realised he was even thinking it.
Cristina looked momentarily surprised before nodding. “I’d like that.”

Daniel could hardly believe he’d had the nerve to invite her for coffee, never mind treating the evening as a date. It was close to midnight when Cristina glanced at the clock and realised it was time she went home.
Not before Daniel had stolen a kiss from her…

“Are you with us, Dan?” Dale asked irritably. It was the following morning and the Actor’s Company were meeting at the Royal Willow for rehearsals.
“What?” Daniel was distracted. “I’m sorry, I just met this incredible woman last night.”
“Oh yeah?” Dale swivelled round in his seat. “Tell me more!”
Daniel and Dale didn’t normally get along that well but he really wanted to tell someone. Rebecca and Jack were rehearsing a scene on the stage so Daniel settled down and told Dale all about the chance meeting with Cristina the previous evening.

Rebecca got huffy when she realised Dale and Daniel were ignoring her monologue. Daniel sighed irritably. Rebecca really got on his nerves. He was also experiencing pangs of guilt. He’d suddenly remembered Ellie, who was probably under the impression he was interested in a relationship with her. While he loved Ellie as a friend, he wasn’t interested in pursuing an actual relationship with her.

Daniel sighed again. Once rehearsals were over, he made for the bar and gulped back some wine. He knew he needed to talk to Ellie and straighten things out with her but it was going to be tough. She’d had a rough time in her relationship with Gerald and he was reluctant to break her heart.
Love never was simple, was it?

Unable to reach any sort of decision, Daniel hit the gym. He wanted to buff up a bit for the next role he had and the gym would be the one place he could go and forget his troubles for a while.
Until the trainer walked in and Daniel started to feel inadequate again.

Daniel gazed happily at Cristina across the table. He’d taken her to Eden for dinner and, for a while, had forgotten about Ellie completely. He did regret choosing a meal that required chopsticks – but it was inevitable that he’d make a fool of himself on their first official date.

Daniel could hardly believe how strongly he felt about Cristina in such a short time. He’d never previously believed in love at first sight but maybe now was time to change his outlook?

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