Year 3: Summary

Year 3’s been a big year for the residents! There’s been an abundance of new relationships and times of intense change. If you haven’t had a chance to read all the stories this year, then this is a good opportunity to get an overview.

If you’ve just joined this blog, then hello! Lovely to meet you. Make yourself comfortable, won’t you?
Let’s take a look at the annual summary, shall we?


Rebecca Livingston considers a change of career, from acting to modelling. She begins a mild flirtation with university student, Richard Diamond and hits her sister Ellie up for a loan to pay her bills.
– We meet some of Foxbury’s first year students at their dorm. The fling between Rebecca and Richard heats up and Raúl starts dating Hayley on the quiet, while trying to forge a breakup between her and Jack Goldsmith. Richard also starts up a fling with Tina Carmichael.
Andrea travels with Jared to meet his parents, who turn out to be a lovely, large, Italian family. Andrea later enjoys a girls’ night out at The Bluffs to catch up with her friends. They also have dinner with Riccardo to talk about his future. Ellie commiserates with Cristina and Andrea about the state of her relationship with Gerald.
– Ellie faces up to the problems in her relationship with Gerald and breaks up with him. Daniel helps her secure a loan and premises to start her own charity shop, to help World United.
– Riccardo makes some decisions at last about his future and talks them over with Andrea and Jared. Emilio spots a very attractive girl on the basketball court at the park and experiences his first crush.
– Jack starts to question Hayley’s loyalty to him and wonders where their relationship is really going.


– Fame begins to go to Kaiden’s head a little, much to Justina’s disappointment. She’s further disappointed to discover Rebecca might be behind it.
Javon and Isabella make the most of the heatwave and get Ronan and the dogs out for a few days. Javon puts extra effort into his paintings and exhibitions due to some unexpected expenses coming up.
– Hayley continues her relationship with Raúl more publicly, including at her concerts and at the romance festival. She also enters into a messy feud with Rebecca. She settles into her new apartment and meets up with her neighbour and old university friend, Ryan.
-Riccardo gets his application in for Foxbury, much to the dismay of his younger siblings. Riccardo spends a fun evening in the Spice District with Jared, Emilio and Zoe and the four siblings bond.
Maggie struggles with the knowledge that her family are growing up quickly. The teens spend a weekend at the UTA Music Festival. Elliott and Christopher feud over a girl and Rosie develops a crush on Emilio.
-Elliott gets his application in for Foxbury and meets up with Riccardo and Rohan. Maggie has some big news for William.
Simon and Will’s animosity is taken to new heights and Simon and Caleb decide to make a go of a relationship.
Ethan makes another career-changing decision and decides to study a degree online!


– Will moves in with Lillith after Caleb moved out and continues fighting with Simon. Lillith wonders if she’s on the right side.
– Ryan visits his family and discovers his brother, Elliot, is moving in with him. He later spends an evening with Hayley.
– Riccardo, Elliot and Rohan start at University and meet their dormmates.
Jenna celebrated her first birthday.
– Elliot ends up going on a date with Danielle and they hit it off.
– Caleb and Simon have a meeting with Vladislaus, which leaves them a little unsettled.
Tony and Claire decide to start a relationship but Ashley is wracked with jealousy.


– Jack and Hayley split up properly. Jack starts dating a coworker, Marcella.
– Rebecca puts in more effort with her acting, with a reasonable degree of success.
Hollie and Ethan celebrate Christmas at home with Jenna.
– Ellie’s shop is doing well and she’s working on new ways to raise money and embarks on a small fling with Daniel.
– Jared considers a career change but more importantly, he and Andrea get engaged.
– Daniel falls in love with Cristina and starts up a relationship with her. He feels guilty when he realises he’s messed things up with Ellie.

Thanks for celebrating this third year with the residents. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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