Donation Drive

Ellie’s On A Mission For A United World And A Little Love!

Some images are slightly NSFW.
Winter, Year 3

Ellie watched, feeling smug, as her bowling ball sailed down the lane and cleared out several pins. Satisfied, she sat back and watched a group of teenagers bowling on the lane next to her. It was soothing, watching them bicker lightly. She had a busy week ahead and she wanted to gather her thoughts before she made a start.

Andrea had phoned and invited her to join a group of them at the romance festival. Ellie didn’t feel she could say no, so she caught the train to the city.
Andrea had her wellbeing at heart and Ellie appreciated the thought. She was surprised to see her sister, Rebecca, standing with Jared and Cristina but they grudgingly agreed to let bygones be bygones and hopefully start afresh.

The evening ended up not being so bad. Ellie had liked Daniel for a long time. She’d never made a move because she was convinced Rebecca was in love with him and just wouldn’t admit it. However, it was Ellie he’d sought out when they’d arrived and it was Ellie he invited to join him privately in the karaoke bar.
Ellie had no complaints.

She visited the flea market the following day, feeling on top of the world! She could believe that Daniel actually did like her. She’d always assumed that, while they’d been friends for a long time, that he felt nothing for her in a romantic sense. So the previous night had been a revelation for her. As a result, she felt like she was walking on sunshine!

The shop was starting to really pick up too. The turnover wasn’t great but it was certainly a really good start and Ellie was excited. The word had got out and it was only a matter of time before World United became a very serious charity in the area. It was time to start a serious donation drive!

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