Mistletoe And Wine

It’s Christmas Time At The Richmond House! What Did Father Winter Bring This Year?

Winter, Year 3
The snow was falling thick and fast outside the house. Christmas Eve had arrived and the ground outside was covered in a blanket.

Inside, Ethan was decorating the tree. The fire had been lit, Hollie was upstairs trying to put Jenna to bed and carols were being sung on the stereo. It was warm and cosy. Ethan was looking forward to this Christmas.

Getting Jenna to sleep hadn’t worked out particularly well and she was awake and very lively when Father Winter arrived! He handed her a present first before turning to the rest of the family.
Finally, Hollie was able to persuade a very tired Jenna to go to bed, reminding her there would be lots more presents in the morning.

“Is she asleep now?” Ethan asked as Hollie slipped back into the room.
She nodded. “At last, yes. I thought she’d never drop off.”
Ethan slipped his arms around his wife. “Merry Christmas, Hollie.”

Christmas morning dawned bright and incredibly early. Little Jenna was very excited for her presents! Neither Ethan nor Hollie had a chance to grab a coffee before their lively toddler was pouncing on the present pile.

The snow was coming down faster but that didn’t stop Ethan taking his daughter into their little garden and building snowmen! Laughing, Hollie went to check the Christmas post. There was a parcel from her sister, who was going to be visiting them in the New Year and staying for a while. Hollie hoped Ethan would get along with her – he could be incredibly stubborn sometimes and she was worried he might resent the intrusion, as he would probably see it.
Biting her lip, she set the parcel down on the table and went through to the garden to join her family.

The day drew to a close with an intense snowball fight between husband and wife. Christmas had been tiring for everyone but it had been beautiful. Just as it should be.

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