The Winds Of Change

Is It Time For Actress Rebecca Livingston To Make Some Changes To Her Life?

Winter, Year 3
The last couple of years had been difficult for Rebecca. Her relationships had fizzled out and she was left with a casual affair with Dale. She’d lost contact with Ellie and hardly ever saw her other friends these days. She was guilty of dropping them all when she was pushing for her career successes.
The trouble was, success wasn’t everything. She might be at the top of her career but the offers weren’t exactly falling through the door. She was aware she wasn’t the best actress out there and while she might be young, her overall lack of talent was holding her back. She’d bought the swish flat but she could scarcely afford the bills. One job paid the bills once and that was it. She was horribly aware she’d have to think about downgrading to a cheaper flat and the thought made her ill.
The modelling career she’d hoped for hadn’t taken off, either. Suddenly, everything was piling up on top of her. She needed a change. A new image, for a start!

Unfortunately, not even a new hairstyle could cheer her up properly. The financial strain was really getting to her and it hurt. Nothing she did was working and, in the privacy of her flat, she broke down in tears.

Rebecca wasn’t one to stay down for long, though. Her upbeat attitude had got her some success in the past and she was determined to pick up the pieces and try again! So she hit the streets below her flat and sang like there was no tomorrow. It worked; at least she’d got enough money to buy some dinner before she set off for Del Sol Valley and the set she was working on.

The following morning, she hit the gym. She was working on a western series at the moment and she wanted to give it all she had. Lux Park was perfect for a morning of working out and pampering. Unfortunately, she was enjoying the pampering a little too much and realised she was running very late. She had to sprint through the blizzard in Windenburg if she was to catch the train back home on time.

The snow fluttered down past her windows as she bolted down a quick lunch. Not really the sort of meals she’d been hoping for by this time but nevertheless, she couldn’t afford to be too picky about it. Her flight was in an hour and she needed to get a move on if she had any hope of arriving on time. With her career on a downward spiral, she couldn’t afford to be late on top of everything else!

As it turned out, the job didn’t go too badly. She didn’t mess anything up, aside from her terrible guitar playing. But she’d been assured the editing team could edit the music into the shot, so all was not lost.
It stung a bit to see Jack and Marcella cosying up on the set but she tried to ignore it. She knew that mixing work and pleasure had been a bad idea; Ellie had warned her enough.

She returned to the city once she was done with her scenes. As she arrived at her building, she stopped and stared at her front door. The money she’d just earned would be enough to pay the bills this time but how much longer would just scraping by be enough? The flat was still so sparse and her finances showed no sign of improvement. Maybe it really was time to make some changes to her life?

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