Replace Your Heart

It’s The End Of The Road For Actor Jack Goldsmith And Singer Hayley Bolton. Will Jack Ever Be Able To Replace Her?

Winter, Year 3
“Okay, I think it’s time we had a bit of honesty between us.”
Jack had invited Hayley over to confront her, once and for all, about her relationship with Raúl. He’d been seeing images all over Simstagram lately of the two of them and numerous gossip magazines had picked up the pictures and speculated on the state of his relationship with her. It was time to settle it, once and for all.
“Something n your mind?” Hayley asked, innocently.
“Don’t pull that one, Hayley. We both know I’m talking about Raúl. What’s going on with you two? Don’t say nothing, I’ve seen the photos. They’re everywhere.”

“You’re really starting this up again?” Hayley rolled her eyes. “Come on Jack, don’t be so insecure. So I’m having a little fun. So what? You’re really worried about what the tabloids are saying?”
“Hayley, I need to know whether you’re serious about this relationship or not.”
Hayley folded her arms and shook her head. “Not really. We’re just having fun, right?”
“Wrong.” Jack stood up and walked away. “Sorry, Hayley. But that’s not what I’m looking for. I don’t want to play second fiddle to a university student.”
“You’re really that insecure? Well, you’re a lot more pathetic than I thought, Jack Goldsmith.” Picking up her pack, Hayley swept out of the apartment, leaving Jack very morose.

A couple of days later, Daniel texted him, inviting him out to the pub for a drink. When Jack got to Windenburg, he found Daniel, Dale and Kaiden waiting for him at the bar.
“We saw the news,” Kaiden said sympathetically. “I’m sorry, mate.”
Jack nodded. “How much do you know?”
“We know about Raúl. We…we saw some of the pictures before.” Dale said, nervously. “We didn’t say anything because. Well, it’s none of our business really, is it?”
“It’s okay.” Jack sighed and gratefully accepted a drink from Kaiden. “I shouldn’t have let it go on for so long, really.”
“You were in denial. Understandable, mate.” Daniel said, simply.
Kaiden slapped him on the shoulder. “You’re handsome, you’ll find a new girl soon enough. They’re swarming round you!”
“Yeah, look at the studio,” Dale added, laughing. “All the women fancy him. You should hear how gooey they go when they know they’re starring alongside him!”

While the jovial attitude in the pub had helped, Jack made his excuses and left early. Instead of getting a taxi and the train back to the city, he donned his coat and set off for a slow stroll around the country lanes that surrounded the pub. The crisp wintery air was fresh in his lungs and he stepped across the river and stopped for a while. All he could hear were the birds chirping in the trees above and the water rushing past him. It was peaceful and something about that countryside filled Jack with peace, for the first time in years…

The following evening, Jack went out with Kaiden again, this time to a quieter pub in Strangerville. The town was so full of mystery and secrets and it did a great job taking Jack’s mind off his problems.
“So how are you doing?” Kaiden asked once they were settled at the bar. “You left earlier than I expected last night. Is everything okay?”
“Yeah, fine.” Jack swallowed. “I just needed some air, that’s all. Time to think and reflect.” He shook his head and rubbed his face with his hand. “Do you know I’ve had two women cheat on me over the last year or so? Rebecca was seeing somebody else and then I find Hayley was too.”
Kaiden smiled sympathetically. “I’m sorry. Neither were right for you, Jack.”
“I’m 38, Kaiden. I don’t know if the right one even exists any more.”
“She does.” Kaiden said firmly. “And when you meet her, you’ll know it.”
The guys enjoyed their quiet drink before Kaiden got mobbed by fans of the orchestra. Smiling, Jack excused himself and left the pub. The air was chilly, even out in the desert. Wrapping his scarf tighter round his next, he set off to wait for a taxi.

The next morning, Jack was out at the studio early. He was working on a new 18th century series with an actress he’d not worked with before. Marcella Winter seemed very nice and they worked really well together the entire day. So much so that Jack found himself asking her out for a walk after shooting had finished for the day.

“Ordinarily, I’d ask what you do for a living at this point,” Marcella said, laughing. “But I suppose we’ve dispensed with that.”
Jack laughed too. “I suppose we have.”
He could hardly believe how much fun Marcella was and how well they got on.

Over the following weeks, Jack and Marcella went out several times and found they were really enjoying each other’s company. Hayley never got in touch and Jack found himself slowly getting over the hurt caused by her and Rebecca.

Erica Houston smiled when she saw Jack and Marcella. She was in the process of moving out of Andrea and Jared’s flat and she’d spotted Jack and his new girlfriend several times, very loved up. While she’d secretly hoped he and Andrea might hit it off, she was pleased to see him settled.

Jack knew things had moved quite quickly with Marcella but she was something very special. When he went to the Flea Market one weekend and spotted Hayley busking and drawing on her adoring fans, he simply smiled. He and Marcella had more in common, anyway.

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