Spooky Goings On

There’s Something Spooky In Forgotten Hollow…

Autumn, Year 3
“Hold still!” Vladislaus commanded and Victor slumped forward. Lily watched, helpless and dazed, as the grand vampire drank from her husband. “You’re next!” he growled as he wiped his mouth and Victor dropped to the floor.

Simon, I really don’t like this,” Caleb called from the lounge. The letter from Valdislaus had him on edge.
“What’s not to like?” Simon asked. “He’s asked us to meet with him to talk about Will. It couldn’t be simpler. If we help him get rid of Will, you get your sister back and we can freely visit the club without him knocking the daylights out of us.”
Caleb shook his head. He agreed to meet with Vlad and the couple would discuss the outcome later. It was Halloween and Caleb really wanted to get this meeting over with.

The rain started to pour as they arrived outside the gates. “Why does it always rain?” Simon wondered aloud. “It does that in spooky movies. There’s always a thunderstorm over a haunted castle, or a vampire lair.”
“It goes with the territory, doesn’t it?” Caleb agreed. “Forgotten Hollow’s usually like this.”
The gates swung open with a loud creak. “Looks like we’ve been invited in,” Simon commented mildly. The couple hugged each other tight before stepping across the courtyard and up to the front door.

“Have a seat,” Vladislaus gestured to the chairs around the table. Nervously, Simon and Caleb sat down. “Now, I expect you’re wondering why I asked you here.
“As you know, William Major has proven to be a tough young man, with the ego to match. He’s gathering supporters in the form of Donald Burnett and Victor Kendrick and my sources tell me he has dangerous plans for this Hollow.”
“Dangerous plans?” Simon asked.
Vlad regarded him briefly. “Yes. I won’t bore you with the details right now but I have reason to believe he’d want us all dead.”
Simon shrugged. “No doubts there. He’s tried to kill me several times.”
“Indeed.” Vlad glanced briefly at Caleb, who said nothing. “I also have learned he’s living here, in the Hollow.”
Caleb swallowed. “He’s living with my sister, yes.”
“You realise I will have to call in backup, don’t you?” Vlad’s eyes narrowed. “I know where you both live and I expect your loyalty in this matter.”
Simon and Caleb glanced at each other. “What can we do?” Simon asked. “It’s not like we haven’t tried.”
Vladislaus stood up. “There is war coming, Simon. A war between the vampires in this Hollow. I expect your loyalty. I want you here in the New Year. In this very mansion. Here, we will coordinate a response with the other vampires and see what is to be done with William’s little faction. This meeting is over.”

Simon and Caleb were silent on their way home.
“Well.” Simon said as they arrived at their flat. “That wasn’t what I expected.”
“He’s up to something.” Caleb shook his head. “I’m not moving in there.”
“What? He wants to stop Will. Isn’t that what we both want?”
“You don’t understand. Vladislaus doesn’t see eye to eye with Lillith and I. We have different styles, different ideas on what it means to be a vampire. He wouldn’t do anything to help us! No, Will’s a threat to him. He wants to get rid of Will because he’s a threat to his power and authority, not because Will tried to kill you.”

“So…what do you want to do about it?” Simon asked. “Because as he pointed out, he knows where we live.”
Caleb closed his eyes. “I don’t know. But I know what I want to do right now…”

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