Birthday Girl

The Richmond Family Are Celebrating With A Birthday Today!

Autumn, Year 3
Hollie was excited. She was making the cake for Jenna’s first birthday and she couldn’t wait to see her baby girl gobbling up her first mouthful. She’d been looking forward to today for a long time and it was very exciting for her.

Ethan had been looking forward to his daughter’s birthday too. It had been lovely watching her toddling around. He’d also got a special surprise for her; he’d redecorated her bedroom.

Jenna loved her birthday cake. In fact she loved it so much she couldn’t resist squashing it under her fingers. Ethan was a little surprised but Hollie took no noticed. All part of growing up, she reminded herself.

After some cake, Hollie put Jenna in her room to play quietly for a while. The toddler enjoyed exploring her new birthday toys and couldn’t even decide what to play with first!

“I think maybe somebody’s a little tired,” Hollie said, smiling. She knelt down and cuddled her little daughter tightly. “Ready for a story?”

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