The Lines Are Drawn In Forgotten Hollow. What’s Next For The Residents?

Autumn, Year 3
His skin tingled painfully as he straightened up. Will felt the burning sensation spread across his body as the sun began to rise in Forgotten Hollow. It was time he went home.

Will returned to his apartment. It was starting to feel a little claustrophobic and he needed to spread out a little more. He had a plan but he could execute it from San Myshuno. The city felt like it was closing in on him and he needed to get out. He pulled out his phone and dialled a well-remembered number.

“I’ve missed you,” Will whispered in Lillith’s ear. She giggled. “I need to ask a favour.”
“Anything you like?” She murmured back.
“Let me live with you.”
Lillith pulled back and stared at Will in surprise. “How did you know?”
“Know what?” Will looked confused.
“That Caleb moved out.” Lillith blinked. “He moved in with a friend the other week. So it’s just me at home.” She fluttered her eyelashes and grinned at him.
“I take that as a yes.”

The first day after Will moved in was difficult. Cristina, having been a friend of Will’s before, was concerned and was trying to visit him. However, Lillith made it difficult for her and after threatening to drink from Cristina, she fled.
As she was returning home, she spotted a familiar figure on the doorstep. “What do you want?”
Caleb looked round. “Oh, there you are. I came for the last of my things.”

Will wasn’t pleased to see him and made it clear he didn’t want to see Caleb there again. Lillith bit her lip and wondered what the hell she’d just done.

The rivalry got worse. It got to the stage where Will and Simon couldn’t be in the same room as each other any more without trying to kill each other.

“When are you going to stop fighting with my brother?” Lillith asked one evening.
“I don’t fight your brother,” Will corrected her. “I fight with his friend.”
“Either way. When are you going to stop doing it?”
“Hmm. Never.” Will answered lazily.

Will carefully made sure the conversation didn’t go any further. But the lines had definitely been drawn and later, Lillith wondered if she was on the right side.

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