Another New Direction

Ethan Has Another Change Of Direction. Will He Ever Settle In A Career?

Summer, Year 3
Some images are slightly NSFW
Hollie frowned at the computer screen. She was tutoring a handful of her students online and they were idly chatting while they were waiting for the final student to log on. One of them mentioned a new conservation project they’d heard about in a town not too far from them, called Evergreen Harbour. The project sounded interesting and Hollie immediately thought of some of her friends who were very into conservation.
She made a mental note of the project before starting her lesson.

“Evergreen Harbour?” Andrea looked thoughtful. “Never heard of it.”
“Me neither.” Ellie smiled. “When does the project start?”
Hollie shook her head. “Not sure yet. Next year sometime, I think. I’ll find out. I thought you two would be interested, though.”
“Too right!” Ellie nodded thoughtfully. “I could do with getting out of here, to be honest.”
“You’re thinking of moving?” Hollie said with some surprise. “I thought you liked the cottage?”
“Oh I do. But with the Gerald thing still not far behind me…” Ellie faltered.
“What about your shop?” Andrea asked. “Could you still run it if you moved away?”
Nodding, Ellie pushed her hair out of eyes. “I see no reason why not.”

“Hollie? Are you awake?” Ethan nuzzled Hollie later that night.
“Mmhmm.” Hollie murmured, sleepily.
Wrapping his arms around her, he nuzzled her again. “I wanted to talk about my career.”
Rubbing her eyes, Hollie looked at the clock. “Ethan, it’s half past one. I’ve got to teach a class tomorrow. You couldn’t have done this earlier?”
“We had…other priorities earlier.” Ethan kissed her shoulder.
“All right. Go on.” Properly awake, Hollie squeezed his hand. “Talk to me.”
“I don’t think this job’s going anywhere.” Ethan began. “I feel like a twit. I don’t think I’m progressing very well.”
“Ethan!” Hollie was surprised. Ethan had been doing well at work and even more so with the freelance jobs he did on the side. He was shaping up to be an excellent programmer, even she should see that. “I thought you were doing well. You love the job.”
“I know. I just feel like I don’t know enough to get by for much longer.” Ethan sighed. “I just wanted…I don’t know, really. Your thoughts or opinions, I suppose.”
“What about a degree? What’s that one Jared did?” Hollie racked her brains. “Computer Science?”
“I don’t know.” Ethan bit his lip. “I got thrown out of Uni last time, remember? Couldn’t keep the grades up.”
“So study from home.” Hollie shrugged.
“Do you think I could?” Ethan sounded doubtful.

Hollie suddenly rolled Ethan underneath her. “Ethan, I love you. I believe you can do anything you want to do. I lecture at Foxbury, remember? If you recall, I tutor plenty of students online too. I know you can do this. You could keep up your job and study from home.”
“That’s a bit unfair on you though. You’ve got enough on your plate. Who would be looking after Jenna if we’re both working and I’m studying?”
Hollie leant down and kissed him. “I’ll ask my sister if she can help us out a bit. Or we’ll ask some friends. Look, we’ll sort something out, okay? But let’s at least look into it, yeah?”
Ethan smiled properly. “Okay. It’s a deal.”

A few days later, Ethan came home from work feeling elated. “Hollie?”
Hollie came through from the kitchen. “How did it go?”
“The application’s in!” He grinned. “Hopefully, we’ll qualify for some financial help with the course but I’ve sent my application in. Hopefully, I can start it this autumn.”
Flinging her arms around her husband, Hollie laughed. “I’m so proud of you!”

Several days passed before Ethan finally had an email sitting in his inbox. “Hollie! Come here!” he called.
Hurrying through from the lounge, Hollie bit her lip. “Come on then, what does it say?”
“I’m in!” Ethan yelped. “I’ve been accepted!”
“YES!” Hollie squealed.
Finally, Ethan felt like he was doing something useful.

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