Summer Loving

Some Summer Fun At The Seaside Is Just What The Artist Ordered As Javon And Isabella Enjoy A Small Break.

Summer, Year 3
“That’s impressive,” Isabella commented as she watched Javon and Ronan pouring sand onto the mound they’d already created on the ground.
Javon stuck his tongue out. Ronan hadn’t been the most helpful sidekick but they were having a lot of fun. The temperature was rising in Sulani and Isabella took Ronan aside to change him into something cooler.
“Gorgeous day,” Javon commented. He stood up and brushed sand off his jeans.

Ronan was having the time of his life at the beach. The toys there seemed so much better than the ones he had at home. He was even making friends with some of the other toddlers there, as Isabella supervised him. It got her thinking about their garden at home in Windenburg which was…a little sparse at best. Perhaps it was time to do something about it?

Even the dogs were enjoying themselves in the water. Javon laughed as he watched them splashing and running through the shallows on the shoreline, chasing each other. It was days like these that reminded him of how lucky he was. He might be only 22 but he felt like he already had it made.

“I love you,” Javon said as he hugged his wife. They were wrapping up their beach day and rounding up Ronan and the dogs.
Isabella grinned. “Love you too,” she replied. “Thanks for bringing us out here, Javon. I know you’d wanted to get some more paintings sold this week.”
“No problem. I can go to the gallery at the weekend. There’ll probably be more buyers then, anyway.” Javon scooped Ronan up and nodded to Isabella. “You ready to go?”

The following few days were equally lovely. Isabella had invested in a small slide for Ronan which he was thoroughly enjoying. She also made a point of getting him out to The People’s Park in Brindleton Bay to enjoy some more of the summer sunshine, while Javon was working. She’d never felt more delighted at giving up her own job as a journalist. The hours had ben very impossible with a young child and her boss had been very unfeeling. She felt much better, being able to dedicate her time to her house and family.
The dogs were enjoying her company, too. They very much approved of the equipment at the park!

Once the weekend arrived, Javon packed up a lot of his paintings and set off for the Rising Sun Art Gallery in Del Sol Valley. He was delighted to see some interested potential customers and sure enough, he sold plenty of paintings that day! He was particularly thrilled because he knew they had some more expenses coming up.

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