Out Of Love With Love

Has Jack Goldsmith Fallen Out Of Love With Love? Is This The End For Him And Hayley Bolton?

Spring, Year 3
Jack was thoroughly fed up. He hadn’t heard from Hayley for ages; he knew she was touring a bit with her debut album but was it really so hard to pick up the phone and give him a ring? Or even reply to his emails?
He’d been edgy for weeks, ever since that university student had sent him that fake break up letter. How had the fellow managed to get his address? How did the guy even know Jack, or Hayley for that matter? It was very unsettling and Hayley’s excuses of him being a fan she signed an autograph for didn’t quite cut it.

In a bid to distract himself, Jack met up with the Actor’s Company at their base, The Royal Willow. They were quite a fun bunch to work with and by rehearsing all their different projects, it gave him an entire morning to forget about his relationship woes.
“Fancy some lunch?” Dale asked as they took a break. They’d been rehearsing since seven that morning and everyone was starving.
Jack’s stomach growled in response. “That would be great.”

They ate in the restaurant underneath the opera house. It was very fancy and exclusive and the food and wine were exquisite.
“This is brilliant,” Rebecca commented. “By far the most superior food I’ve come across.”
“It’s delicious,” Daniel agreed. “What do you think, Jack?”
Jack nodded. “Delicious. Listen guys, can I ask you all something?” He shot a nervous glance in Rebecca’s direction and took a deep breath. At their nods, he continued. “Have you guys noticed Hayley acting…unusually at all?”
“More so than usual?” Rebecca asked, spitefully. Jack ignored her.
Daniel shook his head. “Not really. I haven’t seen her much, to tell the truth.”
“Nor me.” Dale shrugged. “The only thing I noticed that was a bit odd was her Simstagram page.”
Jack frowned. “What about it?”
“Well, she was tagged in a couple of photos from around Valentine’s Day.” Dale continued, cautiously. “She looked like she was out with some young fella. She had her arms round this guy. I assumed it was a fan or something but I couldn’t work out the location.” On seeing Jack’s bewildered face, Dale gulped. “You haven’t see it yet?”
Jack shook his head. “No. What was she wearing?”
Dale shrugged. “Normal jumper. Nothing fancy.”
Jack had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Of course, later that night it was hard to work out whether the sinking feeling had been the revelation Dale had presented him with, or the food poisoning as a result of the dinner at The Royal Willow. Jack was up half the night, drinking water and throwing up alternately.

Once he was fully recovered, Jack had intended to confront Hayley over the photos. He’d checked her Simstagram page and sure enough, she had been tagged in a handful of selfies with some young fella, some very clearly in a restaurant that, on closer inspection, looked suspiciously like Eden.
However, his agent had been nagging him for ages to engage more with his fans, so he decided he’d better get started. “Love Affairs For Grownups” was the first vlog he’d done and he was quite proud of it. A candid chat about life, and love, in the public eye was very open, honest and raw; just the sort of footage his agent had said his fans would adore.

Finally that evening, Jack managed to pin Hayley down for a last minute dinner date at The Tudor Tavern.
“I haven’t see you much,” Jack commented as he placed their order.
“I’ve been touring with the album. You know I have,” Hayley replied, giving Jack a funny look. “Are you okay? You look a little…peaky.”
“I don’t know. You tell me.”
Hayley blinked. “What? Jack, what’s the matter?”
“Who’s the guy you’ve been seeing?”
“What? There is no guy!” Hayley shook her head. “Jack, listen to yourself. Is this about that stupid letter? I told you about that, didn’t I?”
“Yeah. But you didn’t tell me you’d been to dinner with him at Eden. You didn’t tell me you’d messed around and taken romantic photos with him. You’ve been tagged in them, Hayley. Don’t lie to me.” Jack trembled with anger.
“You know what? I don’t have time for this.” Hayley gathered up her belongings and stood up. “If you’re ready to be reasonable, phone me. If not, then piss off, Jack Goldsmith.” And she strode out of the restaurant.

Jack heard nothing from Hayley for the rest of the week. He was pissed off; he knew there was something going on but he just couldn’t understand why Hayley couldn’t be honest with him. It was starting to feel all too familiar – Rebecca’s betrayal sprang unwillingly to mind and he pushed it away.
That weekend, he was attending the Starlight Accolades in Del Sol Valley. He’d been nominated for an award for one of his recent projects and it was his first nomination. Hayley had agreed weeks ago to accompany him but since he’d heard nothing from her, he went alone. However, he was hopeful she might show up anyway, since it was quite the glamourous event.

Sadly, Jack didn’t win but to him, it was still an honour to have been nominated. He spoke to the bouncer on his way out of the venue late that night and was desolate to discover that Hayley had showed up but had been so showered with fans clamouring for autographs that she’d spent the whole evening outside, giving an impromptu concert for her fans. Jack felt like he’d been punched hard in the stomach. Had she arrived to be with him? Or had she intended to steal the spotlight and red carpet after all?

Jack trudged slowly away from the venue. It was moments like this that he remembered why he’d never bothered with committed relationships before; the betrayal left a scar across his heart every single time. He’d lost count of the scars now. Was it him? Was there something about him that was so very irritating that women couldn’t stand the thought of committing just to him?

If so, what could he do?

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