The Spring Term

The Spring Term Brings New Challenges For Foxbury Students!

Spring, Year 3
“I’ll ring you later,” Richard promised as he saw Rebecca off. “Thanks for coming. It was great seeing you.”
“You too,” Rebecca purred as she turned and walked away.
Richard looked around but nobody seemed to have noticed. His dormmates were all occupied elsewhere and he was mildly disappointed that none of his mates had seen him with Rebecca Livingston. He’d have enjoyed the bragging rights, if only for a while.

Of course, what Richard didn’t know was that Raúl was enjoying some bragging rights of his own. He was on a dinner date with Hayley Bolton and couldn’t be more cocky as a result. He’d noticed her at a party he’d been to and straight way, he knew he had to get to know her. He’d finally managed to impress her enough for her to agree to dinner with him at Eden. It was the best moment of Raúl’s life.

Rebecca’s tough schedule meant she couldn’t see Richard very often, especially as he also had coursework to do for his Uni classes. Tina took advantage and had spent many weeks gently seducing Richard until he finally agreed to go for a walk with her around the campus. Valentine’s Day was fast approaching and Tina knew that Richard wouldn’t be able to see Rebecca during that time. So she swooped in.

Raúl was over the moon when Hayley dropped him a text on Valentine’s Day, asking him out. He’d been convinced she’d be spending the day with her official boyfriend, Jack Goldsmith. To have the opportunity to go out with her again was amazing.
They agreed to meet at COASTAL, in Britechester town itself. The café was innocent enough and they enjoyed fooling around in the computer room upstairs. Raúl even took some pictures of the two. Then, he had an idea…

When he returned to the dorm, Raúl posted a letter. He decided that, as Hayley had wanted to spend such a romantic holiday with him, she must prefer him over the pretty-boy she’d been dating. So sending a breakup letter to Jack himself, along with posting the selfies of the two of them on Simstagram, would be the best way to break the news to him.
Of course, Hayley found out about the letter. However, Raúl did wonder how she’d managed to explain it away to Jack. Had he, perhaps, caused a rift between the couple?

Hayley had texted Raúl the following day to invite him to the pub in Britechester. They met outside and from the first glance, Raúl could tell she wasn’t happy. “Raúl, what were you thinking?”
“You’re not happy with him.” Raúl commented dryly as he observed Hayley’s reaction.
“How the hell do you know that? You don’t know Jack at all!” Hayley scowled.
“If you were happy with him, what are you doing with me?” Raúl pointed out reasonably. “We’ve been out together twice and we’ve already slept together.”
“Trysts in the bathroom stalls at Eden and on an office chair late at night at COASTAL aren’t the same as a long term relationship.” Hayley at least had a decency to blush, Raúl noticed.
“Long term?” Raúl said, laughing. “You said yourself it took all last summer to decide whether to commit to him or not. A few months is hardly long term.”
“Be that as it may,” Hayley responded. “It doesn’t justify you sending that letter! Or posting the pictures. I really need you to take them down.”
“You didn’t answer my question.” Raúl stepped closer. “If you’re so happy and in love with Jack, what are you doing with me?” Instead of waiting for an answer, Raúl expertly pulled her into a kiss. Hayley’s resistance faded.
It was unfortunate that the press turned up at that moment and caught the kiss on camera.

The next day was dark and overcast again – a typical Britechester day. Claire had the idea of taking a bit of a study break and heading down to the local pub. Her dormmates were keen and they set off for Britechester, all of them looking forward to a decent, relaxing afternoon.

Ashley got excited when she recognised Iliana Stokes, a popular movie director who’d worked on Tournaments of Honour. As Ashley was aspiring to be an actress, she relished the opportunity to talk to the famous director. She had so many questions about the acting business and Iliana offered to buy her a drink so they talk through her options.

Richard got a bit nervous when he heard Ashley talking to Iliana. Rebecca had mentioned the director because they had something of a love/hate relationship. If Iliana knew Rebecca, would she be likely to know about him?
Tina, oblivious to Richard’s sudden panic, went over to flirt but he didn’t seem interested. Tina started to get frustrated with Richard. Either they were together or they weren’t?
Absently, Richard leant over to kiss Tina but she gave him a shove. “What are you doing?” She demanded.
Richard blinked. “Kissing you?” he offered.
“No, not on your terms. We’re either together or we’re not. You need to make up your mind, Richard. You ignored me just now, then suddenly when it suits you, you want my attention.” Tina stormed off towards the toilets, leaving Richard completely baffled.

With exams over for the time being, the students were able to kick back and relax a bit. But Raúl and Richard couldn’t bring themselves to relax. Had it really been worth getting intimately involved with famous women?

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