Gameplay Notes #2 ~ Foxbury Institute Students

You might have noticed that my last post, The Spring Term, seemed a bit random and disconnected in comparison to some of the others. So I’ll explain the time jump a bit.

During the course of my gameplay, I’m actually playing other households who, so far, haven’t had a story yet. Ryan Valentine is a good example. The reason for a lack of stories for some of my sims is simply because nothing particularly noteworthy has happened to them yet. So after the New Year celebrations with Rebecca, I had a sim-week or so before the Spring Term Uni story.

Now, when I started playing this particular save game, I started out with eight sims at Foxbury. These eight were in fact Rebecca, Ellie, Ethan, Hollie, Andrea, Jared, Will and Kaiden. I went right through University with them; some like Ethan and Will didn’t earn degrees at the end because they were ‘expelled’. Thereafter, I worked with eight more at Britechester; these were Javon, Isabella, Simon, Justina, Ryan, Gerald, Cristina and Hayley. After they graduated, that’s when I started documenting stories.

I’m keen on having a continuous group of Uni students so that’s how my latest group came to pass. I’m also playing the University students a little differently now but I’ll do a post on that later.
I hope that goes some way to explaining the slight jump and apparent disconnection with the latest story.

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