Happy New Year!

Have A Happy New Year With Actress Rebecca Livingston!

Winter, Year 3
With a failing acting career, Rebecca knew that this coming year would have to be different. Her love life was a shambles, her career was a mess and her finances were pitiful. Something had to give.
She’d been seriously considering becoming a model. So far there’d been no interest registered in her but she was sure it was only a matter of time. So she started practicing some poses in the mirror.

She’d almost forgotten, in the stress of her career disasters, that she was hosting a New Year’s Eve party tonight. She sat down heavily on her bed with her head in her hands. She could feel a headache coming.

As predicted, the party was a bit of a disaster. She’d made the mistake of inviting Daniel, Jack and Kaiden and none of them had many good things to say about her. Ellie had also arrived and the sisters weren’t exactly on the best terms. With the exception of Andrea’s much needed soothing influence, the party turned into a large bitchfest against Rebecca and she was on the verge of tears by the time the countdown came.

The following morning, Rebecca woke up with renewed enthusiasm. It was the start of a new year and, she fervently hoped, a brand new start. She glanced out at the snow covered hills beyond the city and wondered idly what this year had in store for her.
Anything had to be better than last year.

Thankfully, she still had enough fans to make going out in public interesting. She posed for photos outside her apartment building, before heading back in to start the yoga programme she’d promised herself she’d start. So far, so good. The new year wasn’t looking so bad!

Another Romance Festival rolled into town, so Rebecca set off in the hopes of meeting someone really nice. After all, she remembered a few of her old University friends had started relationships with their other halves at the festival. While she’d not had a lot of luck herself, it was worth a try.
And tonight she was in luck.
“Is this seat taken?” A young man asked.
Rebecca shook her head. “No, have a seat. I’m Rebecca Livingston.”
Richard Diamond.” The young man held his hand out. “You’re Rebecca Livingston? The actress?”
“That’s me.” Rebecca smiled.
Their conversation went well enough that she managed to get his number before he left. Wearing a silly smile, she meandered over to the easels in the artists’ corner to admire some of the paintings. One in particular, of an angel, caught her attention. It really had felt like a guardian angel was smiling on her. On a whim, she bought the painting for a bargain.

Of course, that guardian angel apparently wasn’t helping much with Rebecca’s finances. She invited Ellie over one afternoon, in the hopes of scrounging some money off her.
“Lovely to see you, Ellie!” Rebecca said cheerfully.
“Really? Okay what do you want?” Ellie sighed unhappily.
“I could do with a loan.”

“Is that all?” Rebecca stared at the few hundred simoleons Ellie had given her a cheque for.
“What do you mean, that’s all? Becca, I’m trying to set up a charity shop here. I don’t have a lot of money. In case you’d forgotten, I was hoping you might have been able to help me out.” Ellie shot back, clearly disgruntled.
“Ahh, Miss Livingston. I’m glad I caught you.” A voice called along the hall. Rebecca half jumped as she turned to see her landlady heading her way. “I was just wondering what had happened to the rent.”
“The rent?” Rebecca asked, playing for time. She avoided Ellie’s disapproving gaze.
“Yes, I was rather expecting it yesterday.” The landlady frowned.
Rebecca gulped. “You’ll have it tomorrow, Renee. I promise.”
“I’d better.”

Ellie took off shortly after the landlady left and Rebecca trudged unhappily into her room. There was no doubt about it, she was definitely going to have to think about moving. The apartment was great but she really couldn’t afford it. She had very little money left over after paying her rent and her acting gigs weren’t flying in as fast as she’d hoped they would.
The new year had definitely taken a nosedive.

Filing her nails, she started to think. The modelling was definitely going to have to be seriously considered, even if it was on the side for a while. As a result, her appearance was going to need to be her priority.

Trying to forget her financial woes, Rebecca set off for the studio. She was filming a post-apocalypse movie and she was determined to get it right. Unfortunately, that was not to be and she, quite literally, fell flat. What was worse was that it was Daniel again she was working with. Why did she always mess up her scenes with him? It wasn’t like he was even trying to put her off.

Understandably, her agent was furious. And therefore, so was Rebecca.
Something needed to change.

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