Year 2: Summary

Well, Year 2 was certainly a busy year for the Sims! There’s been some notable birthdays, new babies, new careers and new relationships, along with some heartbreak and difficult decisions. Here’s a summary if you’ve just joined us.


– Local doctor, Simon London, met with vampire Caleb Vatore and asked him to turn him. By the end of the week, Simon had completed his transition and was a fully-fledged vampire.
Andrea Houston and Jared De Luca spent their first Valentine’s Day as a couple with a movie at the cinema, followed by a candlelit dinner.
Ethan and Hollie Richmond celebrated their first anniversary by Ethan quitting his much loathed job as a food critic and moving into a bigger house. Ethan secured a new job and they celebrated with a hot date at the Spice Festival.
Hayley Bolton launched her singing career and met with a potential producer for her debut album.
Rebecca Livingston tried to kick-start her acting career and ended up making a complete fool of herself in front of Jack and Daniel. When Ellie questioned whether Rebecca had a crush on Daniel, she got defensive and the sisters agreed it would be better if they lived apart.
– Resident vampire, Will Major, struggled with his bloodlust and attacked an old University friend, Cristina but not before attacking newly turned vampire, Simon. Inadvertently, Will drew up the line between two factions of vampires in the local area.
Kaiden Townsend and Justina Berry set up the Simoleon Philharmonic Society and Kaiden went on a disastrous date with Rebecca.


– Jared finally asked Andrea to move in with him and Andrea introduced him to some of the delights of island life in Sulani.
– Jack discovered that monogamy wasn’t Rebecca’s thing and broke off their fling. After an unexpected evening of passion with Hayley, Jack found himself breaking the habits of a lifetime and asking Hayley to be his girlfriend, only to suffer a humiliating rejection.
– Hayley performed at her first UTA Festival and patched things up with Jack. She also made a huge start on her debut album and performed her latest single in front of packed audiences.
– Ellie Livingston tried to rally some support for her charity, World United, to no avail. She spent a fun evening bowling with Andrea and during the course of the evening, she settled on an aim of setting up a charity shop to bring some more money in for the charity.
– Justina laments over her lack of a love life and agrees to be dragged to the Romance Festival in search of love. She meets with Hayley’s producer and starts a mild flirtation with him. She also travels with Kaiden to the new Opera House in Willow Creek, which is to become home to the Philharmonic Society.


– Daniel Clancy and Jack Goldsmith develop a friendship over their mutual dislike of Rebecca.
– Ethan and Hollie received very good news and decorated a bedroom in their house as a result. They welcomed their baby daughter!
– Rebecca continues to make a spectacle of herself with boyfriend, the local repoman David Torrez. She also continues to fail at her acting gigs.
– Cristina starts down the path of magic and mystery.
– Jared has an unexpected meeting with Andrea’s parents.
Javon and Isabella Edge adapt their daily routines to accommodate the baby.
– Rebecca splits up with David and has an unexpected tryst with fellow actor, Dale. After another disastrous job, she starts to reconsider her career options.
– Simon balances the difficulties of his job with his vampire status. His heart breaks for Caleb, who discovers who his sister has been dating and finally, he struggles with the operating machine at work.
– Hayley releases her debut album to much attention. She also finally agrees to an exclusive relationship with Jack.


– Ellie struggles with her strained relationship with her sister and tries to secure support from her boyfriend, Gerald. Unfortunately, Gerald is also Rebecca’s ex and is unwilling to help. Gerald also gets into trouble at work for his tardiness.
– Jack bickers with Daniel over his friendship with Rebecca and relationship with Hayley. He tries to fight off the feeling that something isn’t right.
– Ellie continues to struggle with financing her charity shop and inadvertently spills the beans about her relationship in front of Rebecca.
– Christmas arrives and Jared and Andrea celebrate with Andrea’s parents. They finally have a discussion on where they’ll live and the relationship settles on a much more even ground.
Ronan Edge celebrates his first birthday and Isabella contemplates giving up her job.

Thanks for celebrating this second year with the residents. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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