Ronan’s Birthday

It’s A Bit Day For Local Artist Javon Edge And Wife, Journalist Isabella. Their Son, Ronan, Turns One Today!

Winter, Year 2
It was a big day. Little Ronan celebrated his first birthday with his family. He was merrily toddling around the house and generally making a nuisance of himself. Isabella felt so proud though; her first baby was growing up so fast!

Ronan, however, didn’t appreciate being so restricted in his high chair. He preferred running around and acting silly. Plus this boring fruit salad Isabella had made was really not very interesting.

Zena and Kayla had been brilliant with Ronan since he’d started walking around. They enjoyed playing with him and letting him stroke them.
“They’re being model dogs,” Javon commented one afternoon, after Isabella had returned from work.”
“Like older sisters, aren’t they?” Isabella commented proudly.

Since Isabella was working in the week, Javon was enjoying some quality time with his son. They enjoyed watching the children’s network on the television and reading stories when Ronan went for his nap.

One evening, shortly after Ronan’s birthday, Isabella finished off the soup and sat down at the table with Javon and Ronan.
“You okay?” Javon asked, frowning. Isabella hadn’t been looking too great for several days.
“Fed up.” She picked up her spoon and starting on the soup. “Work’s not going so well. My boss is still giving me the tightest deadlines and I’m struggling to meet them all.” She sighed and looked wistfully at her son. “I do miss spending time with him.”
Javon bit his lip. He hated seeing Isabella so unhappy with work. He knew they couldn’t really afford for her to give it all up just yet but it was still upsetting.

Being Windenburg, the snow came rapidly throughout most of the winter. Javon took Ronan out into the garden to have a go building some snowmen. Both the guys enjoyed themselves and the dogs came out to play, not wanting to be left out of the fun. Javon wished Isabella could join them and once again, felt the same pang that she was missing out on all of this. His paintings were going well; it would soon be time for another exhibition. There had to be something he could do.

The bright side of being an artist was that Javon was getting to grips with this parenting stuff. Bathing Ronan, feeding and changing him, playing with him. He could help but feel smug the first time he managed to bath his son without half the bathwater going over the bathroom floor.

“You’re so tense,” Javon said. It was the end of the week and Isabella was looking forward to a couple of days off work. Javon massaged her neck and shoulders gently. “Listen, I’ve had an idea. I think you should give up the paper.”
“Seriously?” Isabella shook her head. “I don’t know, Javon. It seems a bit crazy. As much as the job is driving me mad, what will we live on?”
“My art.” Javon replied simply. “I’ve got enough paintings for a few more exhibitions. If I sell those, we’ll be in the green for a while yet. I can also get out and start doing landscapes and cityscapes again, especially if you’re home with Ronan. The Windenburg collection went down really well last winter, didn’t it?”
“True. God, Javon that would be so lovely.” Isabella sighed. “I’ll definitely think about it, okay?”
“That’s all I ask. It’s entirely up to you, Izzy.” Javon stood up. “May I have this dance?”
Isabella smiled. “Of course.”

“I love you.”
“I love you too, Javon.”

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