An Unlikely Match

Local Chef, Gerald Davies, Seen Hooking Up With Long-Term Girlfriend, Charity Organiser Ellie Livingston. Are There Wedding Bells In Their Future?

Some images are NSFW
Winter, Year 2
“I don’t think I’ve been here before,” Ellie commented as they stopped outside the door. Gerald was taking her to dinner at a new restaurant in Windenburg, The Tudor Tavern. “How did you hear about it?”
“A coworker mentioned it the other day. It’s fairly new but they wanted that ‘Olde World’ feel to the place.” Gerald kissed Ellie at the door. “Nice, isn’t it?”
“It’s beautiful.”
Gerald smiled. “So are you.”

“I’d really love to be able to set up a shop, somewhere along the Promenade probably but I don’t know. I just don’t have the capital really. I thought about asking Becca for a loan but I don’t know if she would or not. Especially because of, well, you.” Ellie frowned. “Gerald, are you even listening to me?”
“What?” Gerald looked flustered. “Yes, of course. And I understand.”
Ellie’s frown deepened. “What do you understand?”
“That you can’t focus on this meal, either.” Gerald winked. “You look so beautiful today.”
“Gerald, we haven’t been served yet.” Ellie pointed out. “And that is not what I was saying. I was talking about the charity shop. I was think of asking Becca for a loan but I don’t know if she would because of me and you.”
“Mmhmm.” Gerald stared at Ellie. “What do you say to skipping dinner? Because I think I’ve got more of an appetite for something else.”

Gerald felt satisfied once he got Ellie back to his apartment. Taking a woman out to dinner wasn’t really his style at all. It had always bored him when Rebecca had wanted to go out all the time; he much preferred staying in, preferably all night. He knew Ellie didn’t need to be in early the next morning and he planned to keep her at his apartment for as long as possible.

“Huh? What?” Gerald felt disoriented. Glancing at the clock on the wall, he saw the time and panicked. “Oh, of course, Sir. I’m so sorry, I was a little under the weather last night. I didn’t realise I’d slept so late. I’ll be there as soon as possible.”
He hated being late for work, although he didn’t mind the cause. It was only then that he realised Ellie wasn’t in the apartment. Since it was past one in the afternoon, he assumed she’d already gone on to work.
Hurriedly, he dressed and darted out of the door.

“Thanks for coming over, Ellie.” Gerald tugged her down onto the bed with him. “I missed you.”
Ellie laughed. “I only left this morning!”
“I know. But I still missed you.”
“Did you have a chance to think about what I said last night? About talking to Becca about us?”
“Hmm, what?” Gerald nuzzled Ellie. “You’re overdressed, you know.”
“Gerald! Did you have a think? Will you come with me this weekend to see Becca?”
Gerald frowned. “What for?”
Ellie sat up, irritated. “Gerald, I said last night that I thought it would be a good idea if we both talked to Becca this weekend. We’ve been seeing each other since Easter. It’s time she knew.”
“Why? It’s none of her business, anyway.” Gerald sighed. “Are you getting undressed or not?”

Ellie bided her time, waiting for Gerald’s focus to slip.
“So, will you?” She asked again. He moaned and she laughed. “Gerald, will you come with me?”
“God yes,” he cried.
Although she knew he wasn’t really focused, she let it go. After all, she’d got the yes she wanted.

“Where the hell were you?” Ellie asked, furiously. She and Gerald were supposed to have met up in Windenburg, after Ellie’s workout at the gym, then they were going to meet Rebecca for a late dinner at The Tudor Tavern. However it was gone 10 and Ellie finally found Gerald sitting on a bench near the harbour.
“What? Ellie, lovely to see you.” Gerald went to reach for her but she stepped back. “What’s wrong?”
“You said you’d meet me tonight. We were supposed to have dinner with Rebecca and tell her about me and you!”
“I never agreed to that!” Gerald fumed. “You’re crazy. Why are you so obsessed with telling your sister, anyway?”
“I explained the other night at dinner! I want to open a shop for the charity but I need some capital. I’ve been thinking of asking Rebecca if she’d help but I don’t feel comfortable asking until she knows about us. You promised me last night you’d come with me to talk to her!”
“I never said that!” Then it dawned on Gerald. “Ellie, that’s not what I said and you know it. You used me!”
“Oh yeah? Because you haven’t been using me, have you? Why was it you weren’t listening the other night? You took me out for dinner and we never ended up having any! Again, last night you said you’d cook for me but we ended up in bed, again. This happens all the time, Gerald. We never talk at all!”
“Yes we do! We were talking the other night! We talked last night!” Gerald was beginning to get really angry.
“No, I talked and you just pictured me in bed. That’s not talking, Gerald.” Ellie shook her head and began to walk away. “Good night.”
“Wait!” Gerald growled. “Come back to my place first. We can work this out.”
Still shaking her head, she kept on walking. “You’re unbelievable.”

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