New Release

The Day Has Arrived! Hayley Bolton’s Debut Album, ‘Singing In The Rain’, Releases!

Autumn, Year 2
Hayley was very excited. The album she’d been working on since the spring was finally ready for release. She had a million things to do; Zackery had set her up with some promotional performances in Del Sol Valley, so she was singing and being interviewed almost every spare moment she got. It was tiring but very invigorating too. The day, however, had finally arrived.

“I’m proud of you,” Jack said, smiling. Hayley had invited him over a couple of days before the official release of the album. It was very exciting and she was dying to share that with him. “You’ve put a lot of effort, and money, into this.”
“Thank you.” Hayley sat down beside him on the sofa and leaned in. “You’re support’s been instrumental.”
“Nice pun.” Jack winked and kissed her.

They woke late the following morning and Jack glanced at his watch. “Hayley, I’d better go.”
“You’re not working today?” Hayley looked crestfallen. She’d really wanted to have Jack’s support all day.
“Just this afternoon. I’m rehearsing with Dale, Rebecca and Daniel at the Opera House. I’m free tonight though. I was thinking about dinner at Eden?”
“Sounds perfect. See you tonight!”

Hayley set off for the studio to finish recording some bonus tracks. She was very excited; while she was working away in the studio, her album had dropped for the masses!

“I heard some of your tracks this afternoon,” Jack commented as they ordered. It was a beautiful, crisp autumn evening and Jack had snagged an outside table at Eden. It was still early and the restaurant was fairly quiet so the waitress could give them her full attention. “They were on the radio when I was waiting for the train.”
“What did you think?” Hayley asked coyly.
Jack beamed. “I loved them.”

Now the album was out, Hayley had a busy schedule with more performances and appearances. However, the next day was a quiet one. She had a concert in the evening but she was free all day. Jack had suggested she pamper herself, since the next few weeks would be taken up with appearances all over the place. She took his advice and set off for Lux Park, the leisure centre and spa in Windenburg. She loved the town and it was a perfect day for relaxing.

It was early afternoon when she emerged, fully refreshed and revitalised. She had a concert in Del Sol Valley that evening and would need to hurry up if she wanted to get to the airport in San Myshuno in time. She had enough time to grab a take away coffee from the vendor before the bus arrived to take her back to the city. She realised her life was about to become very busy but she was ready to take it on.

The concert was at the UTA Festival Ground and, as always, Hayley loved performing there. The audiences were always superb and the atmosphere was excellent. Her nerves melted away as she belted out her newest tracks and listened to the audience scream.

“You were brilliant last night.” Jack had taken Hayley out to the Spice Festival the following evening. Hayley grappled with the spicy food and Jack watched with interest and amusement.
“You weren’t so bad yourself,” Hayley answered through the burning sensation in her mouth.
Jack laughed. “I meant your concert. Your concert was brilliant. But thank you for the compliment.”
Hayley rolled her eyes. “How can you eat this stuff? It’s burning my mouth.”
“You build up a tolerance to it,” Jack laughed as he watched Hayley finish her curry. “Come on, come and dance with me.”

“You’re sexy as hell, did you know that?” Jack murmured as they danced.
“So I’m told,” Hayley giggled and she pulled Jack’s head towards her and kissed him. “Actually, I want to talk to you. Follow me.”

Hayley lead him into the karaoke bar on the other side of the road. They slipped into on of the rooms and Jack sat down expectantly. Hayley clambered into his lap. “Jack, I know you asked me a while ago about us, you know, making things official. The thing is, I don’t think I was ready, or even really sure what I wanted from the relationship. You’d just broken up with Rebecca and I didn’t know whether I was just a rebound girl for you or not. But it’s been over three months now and you’ve been so supportive of my career. Jack, what I’m trying to say is, I do want to be your girlfriend. Properly.”
Jack was stunned. “Are you sure? Because you were pretty adamant in the summer that you wanted to focus on your career. I mean, you’ve got a lot of work coming up, Hayley, and so have I. Are you certain you want to do this now?”
Hayley leaned forward and rested her forehead on his. “I’m sure.”

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