A Doctor In The House

Is There A Surprise Revelation Around The Corner For Local Doctor, Simon London?

Autumn, Year 2
The sun beat down on Simon’s back as he listened to the heartbeat on the monitor. He was on a house call in the desert and the sun’s rays were driving him crazy. He was desperately trying not to show his blistering skin as he finished examining the patient and headed into the house to examine the rest. It was already feeling like an exceptionally long day and he was desperate to return to the hospital. He was due to meet with one of the senior consultants after his shift and he was getting a little nervous.

Blissfully, he was back on the ward that afternoon and his next patient looked incredibly familiar.
“Dale McGrath?” He asked. He’d seen him on the television a few nights previously. “I’m Dr London. What seems to be the trouble today?”
“My ears. There’s a constant ringing in them. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t go to work like this and I’m supposed to be at the studio tomorrow.”
“No problem, let’s take a look.” It was never a good sign when he could see the light shine all the way through the patient’s head. He decided that distraction would be the best form of defence. “So you’re an actor? Didn’t I see you in something the other night?”
“The musical? Yeah, I’m afraid so.” Dale cringed. “Not very proud of that.”
“I don’t know,” Simon said as he made notes. “It looked good to me. The leading actress wasn’t that great, though, if I’m honest.”
Rebecca? Nah, not really. I’ve heard her agent’s threatening to drop her if she doesn’t sort herself out.” Dale shrugged. “She’d not too great an actress, to be truthful. A bit full-on. Sexy as hell, though,” He winked. Simon smiled politely back and continued with the tests.

Later that night, Simon met up with Lillith and Caleb at Deep Purple.
“Rough day?” Caleb asked as he and Simon grabbed one of the tables.
“You could say that. A house call in the desert.”
“Couldn’t have been much worse then!” Caleb chuckled.
Simon sighed and looked around the club. “Not really. Where’s Lillith? I thought she was meeting us here?”
“She will.” Caleb rolled his eyes. “She’s probably out with her fella.”
“She has a guy?” Simon widened his eyes in surprise. “Anyone we know?”
Caleb looked nervous. “Look, don’t freak out, okay?”
Simon laughed. “Why would I freak out? She’s your sister, not mine.”
“It’s Will.” Caleb cleared his throat. “She’s dating Will Major.”
Stunned, Simon blinked. “Will Major? Why? How could she? For how long?”
“About a year, give or take. As far as I know, anyway. I only found out the other day. She was round his flat all day and all night. Never rang me or anything, I was worried sick. Turns out she started dating him just before he turned.”
“Damn.” Simon stared into the distance miserably. “He hates my guts. I thought she was on our side?”
“There are sides now?” Caleb shook his head. “I think I need a drink.”

Much later, Simon sat down at the organ and played a melancholy tune. His mind was elsewhere as he played, not focussing. He was shocked and upset over Lillith dating Will because Will was the enemy. How could the group expect to survive if Will used his relationship with Lillith as a weakness. Had she revealed that Simon was a new vampire? Did Will already know his weaknesses?
It was all too much and the tune on the organ was doing nothing to lift his spirits. He banged down on the keys and swept out of the lounge in a huff. He needed a serious workout to burn off the anger and betrayal.

In between reps, Simon’s mind continued to wander. Caleb had looked as pained as Simon had felt when he’d found out about Lillith’s relationship. It must have hurt him a lot, to find out his sister had been having a secret relationship behind his back for at least the past year. Simon felt awful for him.

He still felt a bit rough the following morning as he did his rounds on the ward. The news had hit him hard and he couldn’t really understand why. His patients were getting a little impatient with him as his mind wandered frequently away from the questions he asked and the tests he ran. His boss was getting pretty irritated with him.

His first attempts at performing surgery were a near disaster. Thankfully, those mistakes were put down to inexperience and no charges were going to be pressed.
Frustrated, Simon wondered why the news about Lilith and the hurt Caleb must be feeling was bothering him so much. The fact that Will Major was the enemy didn’t help but there was more to it than that. He just had to work out what it was.

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